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New Cough Track Streaming on Youtube!!


Virginia’s sludge/doom outfit, Cough are set to release their first full length album since 2010 in June of this year on Relapse Records.  Still They Pray is much anticipated since it’s the band’s first full length release since Ritual Abuse from 2010. Because modern metal fans are impatient fuckers, the band is streaming a teaser track, entitled The Wounding Hours.  The six minute long track is every bit as murky as Cough’s earlier material but exudes an emotional prettiness just beneath the surface which softens it a bit.  It’s melodic nature is spellbinding and the slight deviation in sound shows demonstrates the band’s growth.  If the remainder the new album is at all similar to the teaser track, Cough fans are in for a treat.  There seems to be a positive progression from the earlier, muddy, Eyehategod worship sound (which was great in its own right) to a more sophisticated and melancholy atmosphere.  For now, though, we wait.  Cough’s third full length album is due for release on June 3 of this year.  Be sure and snag yourself a copy!