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Is None More Brutal- An Interview With Eric Newton of Sodomized

Sodomized 1

Brutal death grind foursome, Sodomized have been making waves since reuniting a few years back and even caught the attention of other, big name acts, such as Black Dahlia Murder. Being close friends with most of the members of the band, and having witnessed their success first hand, I decided to get the inside scoop on the future of the band. I spoke with formative member and vocalist, Eric Newton, (also known as “Fig”) about the band’s success, writing process, line up changes, and plans for the future. Here’s what he had to say.

Underworld- First of all, how are you?

Eric- Doing alright thanks.

Underworld- The new album, Raised in Meat, has been been receiving a lot of underground success, tell me how that’s been for you guys.

Eric- It’s been pretty cool. I’m not sure if it’s a “success” we put the CD out ourselves, I haven’t done much with getting them out to distros, labels, ect. Brian, our old bass player, had the connections for that but he left the band last year so we’ve been selling them at shows and on our big cartel site

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Underworld- I heard something about Trevor Strnad,the singer from Black Dahlia Murder, recognizing Raised in Meat as one of the best albums of 2015. Do you think that has helped your guys’ success at all?

Eric- Yeah that helped big time! He writes a column for Metal Injection (I think?) and we were on a list he did that was for CD’s to check out then we were on his best underground albums of 2015. That was an honor for sure. Trevor actually ordered the CD which is totally cool for him to do being at the success and level that hes at, I have a lot of respect for him and his support of the underground scene. Paul (from EMBALMER) has also really helped us out a lot too getting the word out there.

Underworld- You guys have some insanely hilarious and offensive lyrical themes, tell me a little bit about the writing process.

Eric- Um actually if Bob (guitars) told you we have lyrics he’s lying. I never really saw the purpose in having lyrics since people don’t know what I’m saying anyway hahaha. We don’t have a set writing process we just start jamming and whatever sounds good we work on it.

Underworld- So wait, you literally just grunt into the mic?

Eric- Hahaha, somewhat.  I’ll use random words or make fun of someone in the audience…..or Bob.  He’s always a good target. 


Underworld- Oh man, that’s even better. So, speaking of your writing process, who are your biggest influences?

Eric- We started out back in 1993 so I feel we take a lot musically, as influences, from Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, and Terrorizor. The song style is still the same but with a little update but we definitely are an old-school style death metal band.

Underworld- The band was on something like a ten year hiatus. Tell me why the band initially split and what sparked an interest in a reunion.

Eric- We were on hiatus from 1998 til 2012. Dan (drums) was moving to Florida, at the time, and I didn’t really wanna continue the band without him since he and I formed the band (along with his brother Joe). Plus, it really wasn’t going anywhere and I was kinda burned out with the whole scene and what not, so I took I break as well.

The reunion show happened at the just the right time. Getting back together to play the Feast Of The Deceased fest was in memory of our brother Andy James who passed away in 1996. Dan brought the idea up about doing a show in Andy’s memory and Joe (original guitarist/bassist) was gonna be in town at the time so we figured lets do it. It was supposed to be only one show but there was an interest for the band and we had a great time jamming again so here we are.

Underworld- You guys recently changed bassists, tell the readers a little bit about what happened with your former bass player, Brian Baxter, and how things are going with the new bass player, Rob. Also, did Rob write/play all the bass lines on Raised in Meat?

Eric- Brian left the band beginning of last summer. He got married and I guess wanted to enjoy that part of life. I haven’t heard much from him since he left but he’s doing good. He’s still our brother and I actually miss the big dummy. We went to high school together and we’ve been good friends ever since. Rob is such an amazing bassist and musician and all around great guy we are very lucky to have him. Brian played bass on the “Raised In Meat” CD.

Underworld- I think we all miss seeing Brian around but I’m glad he’s happy. So, I know you guys like to experiment with different tuning, tell the readers a little bit about how you guys achieved your sound on the new album.

Eric- We don’t experiment with different tuning, its an argument between me and Bob. I say D flat he says there is no D flat and its C sharp or some tech term for it. We achieved the mighty guitar tone from solid state Randall amp and Metal Zone pedal. Bob will hate me even more for saying that hahaha, fuck yo Peavy Bob!!!!

Underworld- Hahaha! So anyway, are you guys in the process of writing a new album at the moment?

Eric- Yea we’ve been working on new material we have 2 new songs as of now. It’s been kind of a slow process but no sense in rushing it.

Underworld- Great! You definitely don’t want to rush it. Not at the expense of the sound at least. So as far as live shows are concerned, can fans look forward to more touring in the near future?

Eric- We only can do weekend runs if we do any type of out of state shows. We all have decent jobs, family, kids, ect. So to drop all that and go out on tour isn’t very feasible, it would be nice but gotta have your priorities first, ugh the adult life is a bitch!!!

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Underworld- Amen to that! So, finally, tell the readers about the funniest that’s ever happened to you guys on the road or the stage.

Eric- Funniest road trip story was when we played Chicago last summer. Bobs uncle Rock went with us and got totally wasted and was going up to random groups of girls and talking to them but not realizing he had drum hardware in his hand. He also did this weird walk thing on the way back where he would start spinning his left arm to go right, or vice versa, to help him attempt to walk a straight line.

Well, there you have it. Sodomized certainly looks like they’re working on great stuff, granted adulting doesn’t get in the way. Order their new CD, Raised in Meat, or any custom merch off the band’s distribution site http://sodomized.bigcartel.com or you’re a posevr. Stay brutal.