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Nocturnal Blood- Abnormalities Prevail

nocturnal blood

I don’t when, but somewhere along the line war metal transformed into bestial metal and began taking over the American black/death scene. The “bestial” sound was a natural progression for a somewhat waning war metal scene. Bestial metal takes the most attractive aspects of war metal (very raw black/death metal); rawness, bad production, simplicity, and heaviness and infuses it with the repetitiveness of early Norwegian black metal. Of course, some of the bands are shit, *cough* Black Witchery *cough*, but Nocturnal Blood manages to add a unique flare and violence to the bestial sound.

After having the chance to witness their live performance at Hell’s Headbash back in September, I knew I wanted to snag their latest release and give it a listen. Luckily for me, being a relatively new fan, Abnormalities Prevail, is a compilation album which gives listeners a nice overview of Nocturnal Blood’s five-year long career. Nocturnal Blood is one of those bands that can easily appeal to a variety of metal fans because of their palatability. Thrash slop soloing is kept to a minimum, the drumming isn’t overly pronounced, and the riffs, while bloodthirsty, are catchy.

Die hard Nocturnal Breed fans will be pleased with this compilation as it includes a number of songs from the band’s celebrated demo, True Spirit of Old, such as Goat Vulva and Temple of Masturbation as well as tracks from their split with Sanguis Imperem. For newer fans, this compilation gives a compelling overview of the band’s unique sound. Although I didn’t find much fault with this record, I could argue that at times the repetitiveness and one trick, raw heaviness can become tiresome, but Nocturnal Breed set up the album is such a way that it doesn’t drag out for long. Tracks like Temple of Masturbation, Violent Crucifixion, and Invocation of Spirit introduce some exciting, head bang inducing riffage and hooking intros.

Other than at times being a tad unmemorable, however, I cannot find much wrong with this album. This is odd coming from a girl who typically avoids the bestial sound and bands from America in general. Despite the fact that this isn’t the long awaited new material fans have been yearning for, I think Nocturnal Blood devotees and newbies alike will be pleased with this release. And if not, go suck a Goat Vulva……just kidding, do whatever you want. But still, listen to Abnormalities Prevail. You shouldn’t be disappointed.




Adversarial- Death, Endless Nothing, and the Black Knife of Nihilism


I’ve taken an incredibly long time to comment on this, but Adversarial’s September release has integrated itself perfectly into 2016 without being forgotten, so better late than never. Death, Endless, Nothing, and the Black Knife of Nihilism not only qualifies for the longest of the epically long albums titles of 2015, it also has been revered on many top ten lists for 2015, and for good reason. Adversarial perfects that murky, North American sound with muddy production, muted, throaty growls, and blast beats at the forefront. Adversarial’s drummer, E. K. is really the stand out performer on the LP. The fact that the drums so pronounced in addition with the precision that they are played, only adds this album’s genius progression.

Death, Endless…begins with a fast paced, feature type track entitled “Dissenting the Waking Shell” and immediately hooks you with catchy, head bang inducing, technical slop. And yes, all the song titles are a tad pseudo-intellectual, but in an endearing way. Interestingly, the following track is the intro played like one with feedback buzz and tribal sounding drums. Strangely, despite how much I enjoyed the Dissenting the Waking Shell, the album started after this for me.

The album progresses with an amplifying, warring hum through Immersion Void Paragon, and Enoik Spiritual Warfare but reaches catharsis after the interlude with Cursed Blades Cast upon the Slavescum of Christ, which is an absolutely schizophrenic five-minute long expedition. Let’s also take note of how brilliantly anti-Christian that song title is. Ingeniously, the album slows down after that with the emotional, doom-y atmosphere on Old Ruins Slumber in a Crushing Hatred of Man. Of course, Adversarial doesn’t stay here for the remainder of the album. The title track slays as hard as the opening track. Adversarial is that band you can bring up next time you’re talking about how *insert underground band here’s* first album is classic with your uber kvlt friends. Thankfully, the celebration in the underground is well deserved.



Funeral Pyre


After being on hiatus for over ten years, Ohio’s own Funeral Pyre has returned, with a new lineup and a vengeance. Not to be confused with California’s melodic black metal act The Funeral Pyre, Funeral Pyre (originally Funepyre) started off as a black metal side project of the Cleveland death metal band Decrepit. The band has paired up with Ohio label, Dismal Records and is back in the studio recording.

Prior to reforming in 2012, the band released three demos. There is a definitive rawness to the first three demos that makes one think of first wave black metal giving birth to the second wave. There is a fine line between plain bad production and kvlt production. Funeral Pyre was teetering that narrow plank with the sound quality of the first three demos but upon reformation last year the production quality has improved immensely.  While the sound quality remains kvlt, it seems the band understood the issue with the production since the 2012 release is a compilation of older tracks, rerecorded with the better sound quality.

Despite being an American band, the resonance is more reminiscent of Norway’s distinctive sound and Australia’s raw war metal atmosphere as the compilation is a bit of an amalgamation of Tsjuder and Blood Fire Death era Bathory with the melody of Taake and the rawness of early Destroyer 666.   The band captures that late eighties/early nineties atmosphere well on tracks like I am the Black Priest, In Scorn Defeat and Beheaded at the Alter.  Overall the compilation is a quality listen and I highly recommend it.  We should expect new material from the band in the near future but until then join me in the fiery pits of Hell with Funeral Pyre.  Happy Listening!  Hails!