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Hells Headbash III Lineup Confirmed!


It’s official!  The moment we’ve been waiting for is here!  The lineup for Cleveland’s own festival, Hells Headbash is confirmed and it kicks fucking ass!  Hells Headbangers is giving a little something to fans of all genres this year.  Everything from old school death metal, to raw black metal, to thrash, and even doom metal is featured on the bill.  One thing all the bands have in common though, they’re all true as fuck and will melt your goddamn face off!  These are the bands on the bill.  Don’t miss this!

Goat Semen
Grand Belial’s Key
Revenge – band
Atomic Aggressor
Void Meditation Cult
Hobbs’ Angel of Death
Toxic Holocaust
Acid Witch
Perdition Temple
Terror – CLE
Shed The Skin

The show starts at 2pm sharp on Friday September 2 at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio and goes on through Sunday September 4. Terror will be opening on Friday, so get there on time. Set times for the rest of the bands are soon to be announced. Tickets are on sale now! Buy them at this site https://hellsheadbash.yapsody.com/event/index/28938/hells-headbash-part-3.  Hails!


In Memory of Tom Rojack

Aug 1969 to Oct 1997
Aug 1969 to Oct 1997

I thought I’d end my tribute to Cleveland metal properly, in honor of Cleveland guitarist and vocalist Tom Rojack’s life. Shredder, Tom Rojack, pioneered the Ohio metal scene, playing in many great bands such as Decrepit, Funeral Pyre and Civil Disobedience but is perhaps most well known for his work in death metal outfit Blood of Christ.

Passing unexpectedly in 1997 at the tender age of 28, due to complications after falling down some stairs, Tom led a full life, contributing much to the metal scene. He is remembered not only for his superior musicianship but also for his jovial personality.

Tom is missed and celebrated by many to this day. Let’s all take a moment to commemorate the work of Tom Rojack and listen to some fucking Blood of Christ! Throw some horns. Happy Listening. Hails!

Kurnugia Streaming New Track


Brian Bergeron~ Bass
Larry Kozumplik~ Guitar
Duane Morris~ Guitar/Vocals
Rick Nay~ Drums

To much anticipation, Ohio death metal act, Kurnugia has begun streaming a new track from their soon to be released demo.  The 7″ is to be released sometime this summer.  For now let’s enjoy Diseased Angels.  Happy Listening!  Hails!




Enough of the diversions (however necessary they were), the next band featured in my Ohio metal tribute column is South Amherst thrash act, Vindicator.  Vindicator formed back in 2005 executing an onslaught of New Wave Thrash to hungry Ohioans.  The band has release three full length LP’s to date, including 2008’s There Will Be Blood, 2010’s Antique Witcheries and 2012’s United We Fall as well as a single entitled The Dog Beneath the Skin, a compilation album and a split with Metal Witch.

Currently signed to Slaney Records Vindicator has shown no signs of slowing down and is currently working on their fourth full length release and touring with Viking.  While I’ve always felt Vindicator’s riffs and styling’s to be a bit mediocre, they still never fail to deliver a fist pumping LP and rile up a crowd.

The latest release, United We Fall, fails to deliver the same intensity that earlier releases like There Will Be Blood deliver, almost taking on a bit of a NWOBHM ambience, but what it lacks in intensity it makes up for in good production; a vast improvement from Antique Witcheries.  The album is catchy, anthemic and all around good fun.  And in short that is Vindicator.  But I will let you listen for yourself.  Below is the first track from United We Fall entitled Global Warning/ Gears of Fate.  Happy Listening!  Hails!


Funeral Pyre


After being on hiatus for over ten years, Ohio’s own Funeral Pyre has returned, with a new lineup and a vengeance. Not to be confused with California’s melodic black metal act The Funeral Pyre, Funeral Pyre (originally Funepyre) started off as a black metal side project of the Cleveland death metal band Decrepit. The band has paired up with Ohio label, Dismal Records and is back in the studio recording.

Prior to reforming in 2012, the band released three demos. There is a definitive rawness to the first three demos that makes one think of first wave black metal giving birth to the second wave. There is a fine line between plain bad production and kvlt production. Funeral Pyre was teetering that narrow plank with the sound quality of the first three demos but upon reformation last year the production quality has improved immensely.  While the sound quality remains kvlt, it seems the band understood the issue with the production since the 2012 release is a compilation of older tracks, rerecorded with the better sound quality.

Despite being an American band, the resonance is more reminiscent of Norway’s distinctive sound and Australia’s raw war metal atmosphere as the compilation is a bit of an amalgamation of Tsjuder and Blood Fire Death era Bathory with the melody of Taake and the rawness of early Destroyer 666.   The band captures that late eighties/early nineties atmosphere well on tracks like I am the Black Priest, In Scorn Defeat and Beheaded at the Alter.  Overall the compilation is a quality listen and I highly recommend it.  We should expect new material from the band in the near future but until then join me in the fiery pits of Hell with Funeral Pyre.  Happy Listening!  Hails!




Continuing my tribute to Cleveland metal I bring you C-town death/thrash legends Soulless. Blustering through Cleveland’s metal clubs and pubs with pure metal imperium since 1997, the band has released four full length LP’s to date, including the 1999 debut, The Darkening of Days, 2002’s Agony’s Lament, 2007’s Forever Defiant and the latest release from World Chaos Productions, In Death’s Grip. Not only is Soulless continuously recording original material, they also have appeared on several tribute albums such as Armageddon- A Tribute to Destruction, Overload II- A tribute to Metallica and Hellbent for Metal- A Tribute to Judas Priest, just to name a few.

The band has been known to tour relentlessly, opening for such acts as Nile, Macabre and Cleveland’s own Nunslaughter. The hard work has paid off as Soulless has developed quite the diehard, cult following amongst the local circuit. Soulless only continues to please the diehards with their 2013 release, In Death’s Grip by not veering far from the sound that we fell in love with in ’97. More of a thrash album than a death metal one, In Death’s Grip showcases blistering solos, anthemic choruses and catchy riffs and even epic interludes. From beginning to end the album flows nicely without a dull moment. Tracks like It Ends Tonight and Bury the Cross show tremendous growth in the musicianship of the band featuring masterfully crafted, almost progressive soloing.

Soulless stays true to their roots by covering Cleveland thrash pioneers, Destructor. The album is a must-have for thrashers and death metallers alike. As usual I will let you be the judge. Below is the sixth track off of In Death’s Grip, Bury the Cross. The full album is available for free streaming on Bandcamp as well. I’ve posted a link below. Happy Listening! Hails!


Blood Coven


Since I started this blog, I have wanted to do a tribute to Cleveland metal. Being a Cleveland native myself, I am no stranger to the greatness that is Cleveland’s music scene, despite its being the home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The first Cleveland band I will pay homage to is the ruthless, Black/Death metal act Blood Coven.

Formed in 1993 by Dann Saladin, Blood Coven is a force to be reckoned with, terrorizing Cleveland with brutal live performances and intense new releases. Despite forming in ’93 the band only has three full length releases to date, Ashes of Autumn Burning, Battle Cult Empire and 2012’s Of Blood and Battle. The newest full length album seems to be re-mastered versions of earlier tracks compiled onto one merciless and beautifully crafted LP. The band maintains it’s distinctive sound, never watering down their unique blend of Black and Death metal for the mainstream masses. What sets Blood Coven apart form so many other Black/Death acts is their range in vocals (from shrieks to growls) and stunningly melodic, clean soloing.

While so many bands have forgotten the art of soloing, Blood Coven celebrates it, featuring a beautifully rendered solo on every track. The guitars range from melodic unmuted tones to heavy distortion and in true Black/Death adulation, the lyrics are heavily Anti-Christian. Tracks like Ashes of an Autumn Burning, An Angel’s Rage and Bloodwrath, grip the listener into a dark world of unadulterated pain, to no protestation.

The band has suffered a slew of lineup changes over the years and is currently looking for a rhythm guitarist. I am confident, however, that Blood Coven will find a guitarist soon. Until then, I welcome you into the bowels of Hell itself with Blood Coven. Happy Listening! Hails!