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Satan- Atom by Atom


NWOBHM has been making a resurgence over the past few years and bands like Angel Witch and Iron Maiden have been enjoying great success. Listenable Records, known for having signed big names like Aborted and Gojira, wisely decided to jump on the band wagon and sign NWOBHM pioneers, Satan, back in 2013 for a long awaited reunion.
Satan is the kind of band that your dad’s cool friend with the motorcycle and the possible weed connection might listen to. Ever old school, their new album entitled “Atom to Atom” doesn’t deviate too far from the classic, heavy metal sound Judas Priest and Grim Reaper fans have grown to love. The first falsetto scream and blistering riff will have you squeezing your bloated ass into acid washed jeans and fist pumping your way back to 1982.

In many ways, “Atom to Atom” is a step up from the band’s last album, “Life Sentence”, and that’s saying a lot considering the album boasted rave reviews from both zines and Metal Archives alike. Admittedly, I found myself a tad bored during the first two tracks, entitled “Farewell Evolution-1” and “Fallen Savior”, but Satan soon made up for it with the third track on the album, “Ruination”. Definitely stand out track on the album, “Ruination” is reminiscent of Paul Di’Anno’s solo works, featuring epically smooth, clean vocals, and melodic guitar solos that bordered on hypnotic.

The album continues on this upswing, ultimately leaving listeners in a haze of arpeggios. There is a bit of a cheese factor toward the end, in songs like “The Fall of Persophone” and “Bound in Emnity”, but the band makes up for it by injecting blistering riffs into the songs that’ll make you want to punch your dad’s friend in the face. Overall, “Atom to Atom” is a solid release. A classic in the making.






Enough of the diversions (however necessary they were), the next band featured in my Ohio metal tribute column is South Amherst thrash act, Vindicator.  Vindicator formed back in 2005 executing an onslaught of New Wave Thrash to hungry Ohioans.  The band has release three full length LP’s to date, including 2008’s There Will Be Blood, 2010’s Antique Witcheries and 2012’s United We Fall as well as a single entitled The Dog Beneath the Skin, a compilation album and a split with Metal Witch.

Currently signed to Slaney Records Vindicator has shown no signs of slowing down and is currently working on their fourth full length release and touring with Viking.  While I’ve always felt Vindicator’s riffs and styling’s to be a bit mediocre, they still never fail to deliver a fist pumping LP and rile up a crowd.

The latest release, United We Fall, fails to deliver the same intensity that earlier releases like There Will Be Blood deliver, almost taking on a bit of a NWOBHM ambience, but what it lacks in intensity it makes up for in good production; a vast improvement from Antique Witcheries.  The album is catchy, anthemic and all around good fun.  And in short that is Vindicator.  But I will let you listen for yourself.  Below is the first track from United We Fall entitled Global Warning/ Gears of Fate.  Happy Listening!  Hails!