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Satan- Atom by Atom


NWOBHM has been making a resurgence over the past few years and bands like Angel Witch and Iron Maiden have been enjoying great success. Listenable Records, known for having signed big names like Aborted and Gojira, wisely decided to jump on the band wagon and sign NWOBHM pioneers, Satan, back in 2013 for a long awaited reunion.
Satan is the kind of band that your dad’s cool friend with the motorcycle and the possible weed connection might listen to. Ever old school, their new album entitled “Atom to Atom” doesn’t deviate too far from the classic, heavy metal sound Judas Priest and Grim Reaper fans have grown to love. The first falsetto scream and blistering riff will have you squeezing your bloated ass into acid washed jeans and fist pumping your way back to 1982.

In many ways, “Atom to Atom” is a step up from the band’s last album, “Life Sentence”, and that’s saying a lot considering the album boasted rave reviews from both zines and Metal Archives alike. Admittedly, I found myself a tad bored during the first two tracks, entitled “Farewell Evolution-1” and “Fallen Savior”, but Satan soon made up for it with the third track on the album, “Ruination”. Definitely stand out track on the album, “Ruination” is reminiscent of Paul Di’Anno’s solo works, featuring epically smooth, clean vocals, and melodic guitar solos that bordered on hypnotic.

The album continues on this upswing, ultimately leaving listeners in a haze of arpeggios. There is a bit of a cheese factor toward the end, in songs like “The Fall of Persophone” and “Bound in Emnity”, but the band makes up for it by injecting blistering riffs into the songs that’ll make you want to punch your dad’s friend in the face. Overall, “Atom to Atom” is a solid release. A classic in the making.



Belphegor|Conjuring the Dead


 It has been three long and cold years since Austria’s Belphegor has graced us with their legendary hateful sounds.  Lineup changes have interfered with Belphegore’s ability to record, but being ever resourceful, they’ve unleashed their ninth album to date on August 8th, 2014.  With Helmuth on vocals, “Conjuring the Dead”, takes on a more pronounced death metal feel than the band’s other releases.

Being a black metal elitist type, I found myself longing for the classic and frigid sounds of Blutsabbath or even the hate-filled screams of Bondage Goat Zombie, particularly in the beginning of the album.  That, however, could have been a personal preference.  “Conjuring the Dead” is solid, well produced, death metal release–a force to be reckoned with–bearing all of the ferocity of prior releases.

The album really starts to pick up around the fifth track–”Black Winged Torment”–with dissonant riffing and melodic undertones.  This trend continues to spread throughout the release like a malignant tumor, reaching a high point in the track “Lucifer, Take Her”, a particularly dramatic track, a prototypical Belphegor song, that accentuates all elements of the true Belphegor we’ve grown to love over the years. They end the album eerily, with the foreboding and slower track, “Pactum in Aeturnum”.

Overall, “Conjuring the Dead” is a solid release, even if it’s not truly representative of Belphegor’s career.  This release may get lost in the mix in comparison to the colder and more intense prior releases.  Even though “Conjuring the Dead” may not stand out as one of Belphegor’s more memorable albums, it will not disappoint fans. But listen for yourself.  Below is the official music video for Conjuring the Dead (some of the most evil shit I’ve seen in the past month).  Happy Listening.  Hails!

Craven Idol- Towards Eschaton


The latest album I’ve had on cue is the epic LP entitled “Towards Eschaton”, by England’s black/death/thrash hellions, “Craven Idol”. One discernible characteristic of this outfit is that their hunger resonates loudly throughout the album. It is obvious that Craven Idol is playing the music they love and are not only in it to sell records. They’ve recently been signed to Dark Descent Records, a label that is quickly becoming one of the most important underground labels in death metal, as it’s known to be the home to great bands, such as Imprecation and Gorephilia.

Dark Descent made a smart move in signing this band. Towards Eschaton is a masterpiece that exudes of brilliant musicianship and strong writing. The album opens strong with, “To Summon Mayrion”. The track preludes with an slow and eerie yet methodical intro that quickly breaks into blackened frenzy, amalgamated with high energy old school death/thrash. This band coalesces genres ingeniously, with 80’s death metal-like drumming, thrash-y riffing and soloing, blackened vocals and haunting breaks. Similar to bands like Nifelheim, Aura Noir or even Absu, Craven Idol is a must listen for fans of ugly, blackened and unapologetic genres of metal.

But Towards Eschaton is about more than just raw and ugly riffing. The melodies found on this debut are somewhat reminiscent of early Swedish sounds. Especially on the track “Codex of Seven Dooms”. Their British fervor and love of traditional heavy metal can’t help but seep out on tracks like “Orgies”.

Overall, Craven Idol has managed to captivate me, not only with the stunning artwork that graces the cover of “Towards Eschaton” but also with their beautifully volatile and grotesque sound. Towards Eschaton is a listen worth checking out. So join me in the violent pits of Hades, with Craven Idol. Happy Listening. Hails!

Demonic Christ Returns!


After nearly 20 years on hiatus, Ohio’s barbarous, black metal beasts, Demonic Christ, have announced their long awaited return. For those of you unfamiliar with Demonic Christ, the evil foursome formed in 1992 and is fronted by the unbelievably talented woman, Dana Duffy. They’ve released one full length album, entitled “Punishment For Ignorance”, a few promos and a compilation. Despite being an American band, their sound is very Norwegian. Demonic Christ were pioneers in the American black metal scene.

Having been recently signed to Ohio’s most popular metal label, Hells Headbangers, Demonic Christ are in the studio putting the finishing touches on the second full length album which will be entitled “The Great Purge”. We should expect the album to be released early next year. They are currently streaming the title track via Bandcamp and from the sounds of it, this album will be raw and blacker than ever. In celebration of their overdue reunion, Demonic Christ will be embarking on a tour of the east coast and Canada. The tour dates are below. Be sure and catch them in your town! Happy Listening! Hails!

November 22nd – Columbus, OH
November 23rd – Baltimore, MD
November 24th – Providence, RI
November 25th – Boston, MA
November 26th – Buffalo, NY
November 27th – Toronto, CAN
November 28th – Montreal, CAN @ Messe Des Morts Festival III

Maryland Deathfest Lineup Confirmed

Below is the confirmed lineup for 2014’s Maryland Deathfest. Looks like it’s going to be sick as fuck this year, so be sure to pre-order your tickets in October, when they go on sale. The festival will be held in Baltimore on May 22,2014 through May 25,2014 (memorial day weekend). The venue it will be held at is TBA. This is going to be a hell of a time. I’ll see you there. Happy Listening. Hails!

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