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The Uprising of Bengal: Bangladesh’s Thriving Metal Scene


In case you haven’t heard, in the past few years there has been a massive influx of quality, old school metal bands coming out of Bangladesh. The first band to pioneer the burgeoning Bengali scene was Barzak, who later changed their name to Orator. There has been a constant and positive uprise of metal music in the country ever since.


Orator is a band who wasn’t afraid to break barriers. They were the first extreme metal band from the country to achieve recognition internationally. They were also amongst the first bands in the local extreme metal scene to play in gigs and fests outside the country. Secondly, they are one of the first to attract international label to release their music.

Along with Orator emerged bands such as Warhound, Nafarmaan, Morbidity, Enmachined, Abominable Carnivore, Burial Dust, Eternal Armageddon, Nuclear Winter, and Exalter. More recently, acts like Surtur and Infuscation began to sweep onto the scene. These bands have been making waves in the underground and aren’t stopping any time soon.

In Bangladesh, a relatively new country, metal is still in its infancy, however. Extreme metal bands didn’t start coming out of Bangladesh until the early 2000s. In contrast to the USA or Europe, where various Metal sub-genres were already established in the 80s and 90s, it is safe to say that metal is new to Bangladesh. Although there were bands that can be dubbed as “proto-metal” or heavy metal back in the 80s and 90s, most notably Rockstrata and Warfaze, extreme genres of metal hadn’t taken shape until the early 2000s in Bangladesh.

The first bands to make waves in Dhaka’s underground were Weapon and Barzak. Although Weapon was formed in Canada, their first two releases were recorded in Bangladesh. The Bengal scene is home to several genres, and pigeon holing its sound can be difficult, although a lot of quality death/thrash is known to come out of the country.


Severe Dementia,however, was one of the first bands out of Bangladesh to play death metal in the mid 2000s. The band deems their sound as “Eastern death metal”, which is very similar to American brutal tech death. Severe Dementia are arguably the first band to play the genre in Bangladesh, and are said to be pioneers in the scene. Orator (Barzak) released their demo in 2005. The band released their first full length album, Qabiluhu, in 2006 under the name Barzak and soon changed their name after its release. Since 2008, they’ve played in gigs in Thailand and India. They debuted in Dhaka with a band called Manzer, which apparently was the first Metal gig in Bangladesh with an international band in the bill. And the arrival of Manzer in Bangladesh gave birth to an entity who is single handedly responsible for the uprise of the metal scene in Dhaka.

Severe Dementia

Primitive Invocation are a group of dedicated metalheads working to promote metal in Bangladesh. They issued the first metal zine in the history of the country and organized various gigs. They are well known for their work with “Banish The Posers Fest” which is, to this day, the biggest and most successful metal festival in Bangladesh. Acts like Impiety, Lobotomy, Savage Deity, Funerus and many more have came to Dhaka to play at BTPF. And this year it has been announced that Japanese Thrash Metal band Riverge will be playing at BTPF 16 in October.

Primitive Invocation inspired a lot of people in the community to start contributing the scene. In 2013, for the first time in Bangladesh, there were labels dedicated to releasing metal music and labels that released international bands in the country. Labels like Metal Monger Records have released bands like Master, who are arguably one of the first death metal bands in the world. This concentration of radioactive metal in Bangladesh is yet to expand. And I am confident that they will be emanating more and more quality metal music in the future. And as a fan, the scene in Bangladesh has my eternal support. And I highly recommend everyone to check out bands from Bangladesh!  And be sure to hit up Banish the Posers Fest in October if you’re in the area!

-Hridoy Rayhan






Infuscation Interview


If you haven’t heard about the budding metal scene in Dhaka, Bangladesh, well you my friend, have been missing out. In the past five years the land of Bengal has been churning out quality bands by the dozen and they don’t seem to be stopping. Bands like Morbidity and Orator put Bangladesh on the map with the raw and unpolished death thrash that has come to define the sound of Bengal. Since then, bands have been blazing through Bangladesh like wildfire. Death/thrash outfit, Infuscation are no exception. Forming earlier this year, Infuscation is a three piece, raw, death metal band out of Dhaka that’s planning to release their much anticipated debut album before the year’s end. I spoke with the band’s guitarist and main songwriter, Aaswad Arif about the new album, the local scene, and the band’s plans for touring next year. Here’s what he had to say.

Underworld Zine: First of all, how are you?

Aaswad Arif: Got a little daunted by current terrorism and conspiracies beyond them. Oh well, we are doing fine.

Underworld Zine: Yeah, I think we’re all pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. We’re all grieving for the those who lost their lives and their loved ones. So sad. But metal must live on, am I right? Tell the readers about your band?

Aaswad Arif: Well, we are “Infuscation”. We are a three piece. Aaswad Arif is the guitarist and songwriter, Aymun Khan is the bassist and vocal, Navin Iqbal is the drummer. This band is all about dark philosophies, Occult-fiction, Mythology. During college days Aymun and Aaswad (Me) found that we had same taste in music. We both used to listen to heavy music. Basically the old school stuffs. I mean, Iron Maiden was a part of our daily conversation. Then we started to explore more of it, we attended many underground shows that offered true metal sounding bands, met many musicians. Those shows and brothers who were involved in this metal madness before us worked on as a force to inspire us to form our band. Almost over a year ago Aymun found Navin to play drums for the band. We started as a thrash metal sounding band. You could say 80s thrash inspired band. But I couldn’t escape the greatness of Death Metal that hit us with thrash and I also got badly gripped by all-embracing miseries of sickness, old age, pain and death, hence we evolved with both death and thrash. We jammed and worked hard on our techniques to the point where we found our own style of sounding.

Underworld Zine: Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything works out as planned. Does the band face any challenges being a three piece?

Aaswad Arif: Not at all! I would say it’s more comfortable. We are doing great.

Underworld Zine: Yeah, I’m sure there would be fewer issues with less people in the band. So one last question. I’m sure the fans would love to know, does Infuscation plan on touring in 2016 or playing Banish the Posers fest?

Aaswad Arif: Yes, we definitely do. I mean, how astonishing that would be!?! We would love to play at BTPF if we got the opportunity and yes, positive about the tour. If we get a tour offer and everything is sorted we’d love to do it. After all, putting on a face-melting show is the most important thing.

Well, there you have it. Look out for upcoming tour dates from Infuscation worldwide, and don’t miss out on their debut release. Hails!