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Defiatory- Extinct


Defiatory’s debut album ‘Extinct’… It seems good on paper but creating a supergroup of Swede and Finnish underground musicians from Aeon, Apostasy, Crowdburn… However the debut clocks in at a whopping 8 tracks. I’m going to start off by saying I like these musicians on their own, and ex respective groups but this album is just purely radio metal. This is what you listen to at Gold’s Gym while trying to stretch out the weights to the max, bro. It’s jock rock with more distortion.

Alright now that I complained about the shit part, let’s talk about the good parts; the artwork is actually really good. It does fit the tone of the album, and the vocals are gritty enough to fit the themes of the album destruction, death, war, and well… extinction.  Now let us dissect this album from a production point of view. The instruments are evenly spaced, well, that would be if the instruments were drums, vocals, and one guitar… The only issue is we have two guitarists and a bass player, somehow guitar two got lost in the mix with the bass; maybe when they recorded they were out to lunch and just doubled the lead. The only time you get a hit at second guitar is one of the many repeating breakdown shreds… and trust me listen to the first song and you’ve listened to this album… Because….. most of the riffs on this album are the fucking same, or almost the same with minor changes.  If it wasn’t for the song break I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between tracks one and two.  It’s the same chug-chug-chord formula for the most part. Even though the band has a lot of underground death and thrash influences, I didn’t hear much of it; I wrongly assumed they would give some more of the death influence to a Swedish genre that has gotten completely fucking stale. Every song is within like 10 bpm of each other so if you listen to the album fully through in one sitting you can lift or head bang at the same speed for a solid 39 minutes… But let’s get positive again, I have to admit.. The solos are a god damn saving grace, filled with heart and technical ability. That’s where you hear the true sunlight tradition come through.

Despite all of this I do like a few songs on here: The Final Conflict, Aeaons End, and The Black Vortex. The Black Vortex is probably my favorite song just because it actually feels a bit technical and shines through the albums chuga-chuga bringing a bit more technicality and some variety. Really, if you want to pump iron or drive your riced out Honda at high speeds in a 35 then I’d say the first 6 songs are completely for you, you could easily add one of these tracks to an Avenged Sevenfold album.. and well no one would know.  In fact, until The Black Vortex started I thought I was just listening to the same song on the first listen if that’s any indication. This is pure unit pushing radio metal, it’s good for that, but it’s not my cup of tea.
 -Allynd Dudnikov-Venalainen