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Thrash Metal, Guitars, and Reunions: An Interview with Warbringer

Only a few years ago, new wave thrash aficionados, Warbringer were talking about calling it quits. Three members had quit the band and things did mot look good for Warbringer after the release of 2013’s Empire’s Collapse. So you could not imagine my surprise when the band announced their American tour early this year. They was also talk of a new album in the works. I sat down with formative band member and guitarist Adam Carrol, as well the band’s drummer, Carlos Cruz to discuss the tour, the new album and the future of Warbringer. Here’s what they had to say.

Underworld- First off, how you guys doing?

Carlos/ Adam- Good, good.

Underworld- Awesome! So how was the show in New York?

Carlos- Oh in Rochester? Surprisingly great! It was a good turnout for everybody. There was one local act and four bands opening. Everybody had a great time.

Underworld- Good! So, I think your fans wanna know, what’s the direction of the new album? How are things going with that?

Carlos- As of right now, nothing seems to be written. There was a previous lineup of the band that were working on a potential record. Unfortunately, out of five members, three of them are no longer in the group, so for this particular tour, it would be myself on drums, and then we have two fill in players to help us out on second guitar and bass guitar.

So as for right now pretty much the only obligation and what we’re putting all our efforts toward is fulfilling this tour. We still have another six or seven weeks on the road, so after we return home we’re going to start fresh in the writing process.

War 6

Underworld- Okay, so with having new members in the band, does everyone have the same vision? I know what was on the last album was really great, is this album going to be a continuation of that sound or are you thinking about changing things up a bit?

Carlos- Well, it’s been nearly three years now since that record was written, maybe released a little bit later of course, but, like I said, we’ve got two new players who we consider fill ins because they’re more or less learning the older material for the purpose of the tour to fulfill our live set. Now the three actual remaining members would be myself, Adam, and our vocalist, John. The three of us have pretty similar interest in music and work well together.

Even with Adam it will be a different approach because Adam wasn’t in the group for the last record so it definitely will be a whole new kind of sound. Were moving forward. There’s definitely been a natural progression with each record. The lineup has a lot to do with the sound on each record and the composition so I’m sure it will be a whole new sound.

Underworld- Cool! This question is directed more at Adam, being the guitar player. A lot of the guitar work on Empire’s Collapse was great. I’m sure your fans are wondering how you guys achieve your sound?

Carlos- Me being the drummer, I had a lot of time to compose music on the guitar. Adam has been in the group since the beginning, so he’s a returning member, and played on the first three records, just not on the fourth.

Sound wise, it was a mix of the producer having a bunch of gear in the studio that he preferred to use on top of what the band owned, so as far as the technical aspect is concerned, we used amplifiers ranging from MESA Boogie to using different guitars like Jackson or Fender. We worked with the same producer for the last two albums and they do sound very different overall, not musically speaking, but more the sound of the guitar, drum etc.

Underworld- This question is a little more difficult but you guys were talking about breaking up after Empire’s Collapse. Since reuniting, have things been better? Do you see a long future for Warbringer or is this kind of a farewell tour?

Adam- It’s kind of a rebuilding tour, because basically we had members quit after Empire came out, so Carlos and I started trying to rebuild and we had to hire three members to replace the members that quit as of late last year. We got our two fill ins and we got Carlos, so we just get through this tour and see what comes after but we have no intentions of stopping. We’re slowly climbing back to where we once were.

Underworld- That’s so great to hear. So, last question, when can fans expect the new album to come out?

Carlos- If we have time to write it at our own pace, we’re going to do that, but definitely sometime this year, or at the very latest, early next year. We intend to take our time to write a good album. We don’t want to rush anything.

Things are definitely looking good for the future of Warbringer. The band is currently on a US tour. Look out for them in your hometown.