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Adversarial- Death, Endless Nothing, and the Black Knife of Nihilism


I’ve taken an incredibly long time to comment on this, but Adversarial’s September release has integrated itself perfectly into 2016 without being forgotten, so better late than never. Death, Endless, Nothing, and the Black Knife of Nihilism not only qualifies for the longest of the epically long albums titles of 2015, it also has been revered on many top ten lists for 2015, and for good reason. Adversarial perfects that murky, North American sound with muddy production, muted, throaty growls, and blast beats at the forefront. Adversarial’s drummer, E. K. is really the stand out performer on the LP. The fact that the drums so pronounced in addition with the precision that they are played, only adds this album’s genius progression.

Death, Endless…begins with a fast paced, feature type track entitled “Dissenting the Waking Shell” and immediately hooks you with catchy, head bang inducing, technical slop. And yes, all the song titles are a tad pseudo-intellectual, but in an endearing way. Interestingly, the following track is the intro played like one with feedback buzz and tribal sounding drums. Strangely, despite how much I enjoyed the Dissenting the Waking Shell, the album started after this for me.

The album progresses with an amplifying, warring hum through Immersion Void Paragon, and Enoik Spiritual Warfare but reaches catharsis after the interlude with Cursed Blades Cast upon the Slavescum of Christ, which is an absolutely schizophrenic five-minute long expedition. Let’s also take note of how brilliantly anti-Christian that song title is. Ingeniously, the album slows down after that with the emotional, doom-y atmosphere on Old Ruins Slumber in a Crushing Hatred of Man. Of course, Adversarial doesn’t stay here for the remainder of the album. The title track slays as hard as the opening track. Adversarial is that band you can bring up next time you’re talking about how *insert underground band here’s* first album is classic with your uber kvlt friends. Thankfully, the celebration in the underground is well deserved.