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Enough of the diversions (however necessary they were), the next band featured in my Ohio metal tribute column is South Amherst thrash act, Vindicator.  Vindicator formed back in 2005 executing an onslaught of New Wave Thrash to hungry Ohioans.  The band has release three full length LP’s to date, including 2008’s There Will Be Blood, 2010’s Antique Witcheries and 2012’s United We Fall as well as a single entitled The Dog Beneath the Skin, a compilation album and a split with Metal Witch.

Currently signed to Slaney Records Vindicator has shown no signs of slowing down and is currently working on their fourth full length release and touring with Viking.  While I’ve always felt Vindicator’s riffs and styling’s to be a bit mediocre, they still never fail to deliver a fist pumping LP and rile up a crowd.

The latest release, United We Fall, fails to deliver the same intensity that earlier releases like There Will Be Blood deliver, almost taking on a bit of a NWOBHM ambience, but what it lacks in intensity it makes up for in good production; a vast improvement from Antique Witcheries.  The album is catchy, anthemic and all around good fun.  And in short that is Vindicator.  But I will let you listen for yourself.  Below is the first track from United We Fall entitled Global Warning/ Gears of Fate.  Happy Listening!  Hails!