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Varg Vikernes Arrested Once Again.

indexLooks like our boy Varg is at it again.  Varg Vikernes was arrested in France on Tuesday, June 16 along with his wife, Marie Chachet.  Police say he was a suspect in planning a massacre after acquiring a copy of the far right wing terrorist’s  Breivik’s, manifesto and searched his home for weapons and explosives.   Breivik is responsible for both the Oslo bombing and Utoeya Massacre which left 77 people dead.  The police decided to take both Varg and his wife into custody after Marie Chachet purchased two firearms.  They will remain in custody until further investigation.

Varg has already served a 16 year sentence for numerous counts of arson and the murder of fellow black metaller Euronymous.  He is also involved in some questionable Neo-Nazi and nationalist groups.  Is anyone really surprised?

I guess the part I find the most hilarious is the fact that I remember being at the edge of my seat, anticipating Varg’s release in 2009 only for him to write pure garbage upon his release from prison.  In reality, Varg’s beliefs have changed little from the time he was arrested to now.  If anything he’s become more extreme.  Varg is simply more criminal than musician.  But in good faith why don’t we go ahead and celebrate Varg’s early career with a little Det Som En Gang Var.  Happy Listening!  Hails!


Hour of 13 is Back

110105_photoYou know those albums in your collection that you play over and over. Those bands you follow religiously. For me, Hour of 13 was one of those bands. So you can only imagine my disappointment when the band went on hiatus months back. I am proud to announce, however, that doom laden traditional rockers, Hour of 13 are actively recording again and will soon embark on their European tour, sans powerful yet controversial vocalist, Phil Swanson.

Chad Davis (the brains behind Hour of 13) will be taking over vocals, making Hour of 13 a one man project. Session musicians, John Mode and Dave Easter will fill in on bass and drums for live performances. Phil Swanson will continue to work with Seamount, Briton Rites and Vestal Claret. It seems to me, we can say goodbye to unreliability and cancelled shows, as Phil seemed to be the issue here, consistently complaining about the “lack of tour support”. I’m both curious and excited to discover Chad Davis as a vocalist. Here is a glimpse of Chad on vocals live in Chesapeake, VA. Happy Listening. Hails!


June 10, 1942 to May 16, 2010
June 10, 1942 to May 16, 2010

Three years ago today, the metal legend Dio was taken from us at the age of 67, after a bout with stomach cancer. Dio was an innovator and a hero to many. A highly accomplished musician, former member of metal founders Black Sabbath and originator of the classic cornu salute widely used at metal shows and as a greeting to this day, Dio left a permanent scar on heavy metal history. Let’s take a moment of rage to celebrate the life of Dio. Hails!

Kurnugia Streaming New Track


Brian Bergeron~ Bass
Larry Kozumplik~ Guitar
Duane Morris~ Guitar/Vocals
Rick Nay~ Drums

To much anticipation, Ohio death metal act, Kurnugia has begun streaming a new track from their soon to be released demo.  The 7″ is to be released sometime this summer.  For now let’s enjoy Diseased Angels.  Happy Listening!  Hails!

RIP Jeff Hanneman

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard that thrash metal giant and God of the underworld Jeff Hanneman passed away at the tender age of 49 last week, due to liver failure. It was a sad and tragic day for the metal brethren who prefer to remember him like this….

A young and hungry Jeff
A young and hungry Jeff

As a life long metalhead, I feel it is not only my duty but a privilege to pay my respects to the shredder I have admired for years. So lets all throw some horns and give a HAIL SATAN to the master and a middle finger to Westboro Baptist church and listen to some SLAAAAAYYYYYEEEEEERRRRR! Jeff Hanneman, may you rest in peace. \m/