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Underworld Zine’s Top 6 Black Metal Documentaries

Black metal has a rich and fascinating history, rife with scandal, infamy, and philosophy.  Because of the sensationalism of it all, black metal documentaries are among the most interesting music documentaries to watch.  In the precursory years before the alleged release of the Lords of Chaos movie, which will either be an abomination or a masterpiece with literally no in-between, I found myself glued to Youtube, binge watching a copious amounts of music documentaries, specifically covering black metal.  These are my top six picks.

6. Murder Music- The History of Black Metal

murderMurder Music takes the number six position on the list.  Narrated by the beautiful Candy René Ackermann, Murder Music- A History of Black Metal explores the depths of the world’s most controversial style of music chronologically and thoroughly. Featuring interviews from Venom’s Mantas, Abbath, Dani Filth, Satyricon’s Satyr, Hellhammer, journalist Didrik Søderlind, and even Mayhem vocalist Attila, this documentary covers all bases.  What I like about the documentary is that the focus is clear.  It’s about the music and the history of the genre.  Director’s even go so far as to cover the origins of occult music by including an interview with 60’s satanic icons, Black Widow.  This is a good one.

5. True Norwegian Black Metal

truenorwegianblackmetalThis documentary series was a particularly interesting one given that the main focus is on infamous Gorgoroth frontman, Gaahl.  VICE journalist, Peter Best interviews the enigmatic Norwegian vocalist at his home and viewers get an inside look at the man behind the corpse paint.  We get a look at his artwork, his grandfather’s house, and an eye-opening look into his ideology.  The ending, which features a frustrated Gaahl refusing to answer the journalist’s question or even acknowledge him, captures the essence of the man coined by tabloids as the most evil man alive.  Definitely worth the time.

4. Black Metal Satanica


This documentary is fascinating, as it explores the philosophy, ideology, and history of black metal in Scandinavia.  Focusing primarily on the second wave, with only brief, compulsory introduction on early black metal, director Mats Lundberg gives us an in-depth look at the meaning behind black metal, covering everything from Nordic legend, race relations, down to Scandinavian tradition.  Interviews with members of Watain, Enslaved, and others are complex and visceral.  Mats Lundberg’s foreboding narration adds a nice touch to a documentary that will have you hooked immediately.

3. Black Metal- The Music of Satan


Ignore the intro on this documentary.  Seriously, skip it if you have to, because once you get into the meat of this documentary, you won’t be disappointed.  This film is directed unlike any other black metal documentary, in that it focuses not on the predictable, sensationalist jargon typical of other documentaries, but on the men behind the music.  Huge names like Fenriz, King Diamond, Cronos, Abbath, Dani Filth, and more are interviewed backstage, in their element and stripped of the corpse paint and image.  Beer is present and there are a lot of hilarious moments.  While the journalists ask prying questions about Christianity, racism in metal, and church burnings, it’s all done in a fun, lighthearted manner.  This is a limited edition DVD.  While you can stream most of it on Youtube and DailyMotion, it’s worth dropping the ten bucks to watch the full version along with the bonus video.  Simply stellar.

2. Metal’s Unexplored Fringes- One Man Metal


Back in 2012, Noisy of all publications, released the only documentary, to my knowledge, to cover the murky caverns of one man, depressive black metal.  The documentary features interviews with three defining one man bands, Leviathan, Xasthur, and Striborg.  The fact that the interviewer only focuses on the men behind these three bands, means the interviews get extremely deep and personal.  Jeff Whitehead (Leviathan) talks about his trouble past as a foster child, Scott Conner (Xasthur) disscusses his deeply misanthropic worldview, and Sin Nanna (Striborg) discusses overcoming drug abuse and the impact isolation has had on his music.  The questions are invasive but never prying and the direction of this documentary flows seemlessly, leaving viewers glued to the screen.  This is a documentary you can watch over and and over and never get bored.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it now, you poser.

  1. Until the Light Takes Us   

This is a no brainer, Until the Light Takes Us is the best documentary on black metal, hands down.  This documentary features the biggest names in the genre, Fenriz, Varg Vikernes, Frost, and more up close and personal, giving the viewers an inside look into their lives.  We get to see sides of Fenriz we’ve never seen before as he discusses his interest in art and electronica.  Varg is interviewed from jail and gets personal about his feelings toward Fenriz, talks about his checkered past, and his opinions on American and Norwegian culture.  Frost performs in a local art show.  The lack of structure and focus on regular conversation make this documentary fantastic for true fans of black metal, interested in getting to know their favorite artists better. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Honorable Mentions:

Once Upon A Time in Norway: This probably could have made the list but I am American and don’t want to read subtitles.  Don’t beat me up for being honest.

Per “Dead” Ohlin- Documentary: This is a really cool documentary that focuses on the life of the deeply troubled Per Ohlin of Mayhem.  Really well done documentary.

What are you favorite black metal documentaries?  List them in the comments.


Tabitha’s Top Six Picks for 2016


If there’s one set of memes floating around on social media that everyone seems to believe, it’s that 2016 was a shit year.  The election was particularly messy, with proponents for both candidates treating their pick for POTUS as though they were some sort of elderly messiah.  People deleted each other on Facebook, protested in the streets, and everyone seemed to believe their political acumen was that of a tenured law professor at Harvard.

On top of the media circus, everyone fucking died.  Lemmy died at end of 2015 and ushered in a wave of celebrity death in 2016.  First we lost David Bowie, then Nick Menza, then Glen Frey of The Eagles, Prince (he was he one everyone pretended to love after he died),Leonard Cohen, and George Michael.  It wasn’t only music that took a hit; we also lost Gene Wilder, the mom from the Brady Bunch, Alan Rickman (better known as Professor Snape), and, the one that hit the hardest, Carrie Fisher.  More celebrities died of course but the list is exhaustive so I’ll just stop there.

2016 only redeemed itself with its metal.  This year saw great new releases from giants like Testament, Darkthrone, and Destruction.  Even the new Metallica album was an adorable attempt from them at being a thrash band again.  The underground metal of 2016 was particularly exciting.  Here are my top six picks.

6. Desaster- Oath of an Iron Ritual


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Desaster is probably the most fun band to see live on this list.  The German black/thrashers have steadily been upping the ante with their most recent releases and The Oath of an Iron Ritual the pinnacle of circle pit, fist pumping success for the band, as far as quality goes.  Memorable thrashy riffs, breaks, and soloing set this album apart.  Blackened Teutonic bliss.

5. Murdryk- Antologi MMXV


Murdryk’s Antologi MMXV makes the number five spot despite the band’s weird aversion to being compared to being compared to Dissection.  Killer riffs nonetheless, as well as emotional solos, and haunting atmosphere made this one memorable for me.

4. Baphomet’s Blood- In Satan We Trust


Thrash! Death! Sex! Destruction! Baphomet’s Blood easily takes the number four position for top picks of the year with their release of In Satan We Trust.  The band’s flirtation with Motorhead’s gritty vocal stylings and riffing, combined with anthem-ic choruses and slaytanic solos make for an unforgettable sound.  Think fist pumping, pentagrams, and broken necks.

3. Wode- Wode


I got hip to this album later in the year.  Holy shit!  Amazing! The riff progressions on Wode’s debut self titled release are masterful.  This is definitive orthodox black metal tempered with unparalleled melody and emotion.  The raspy vocals and slightly lo-fi production give this release a chilling atmosphere.  Truly memorable.

2. Destroyer 666- Wildfire

destroyer 666

D666 always destroys but 2016 was a particularly good year for the Australian blackened thrashers.  Ignoring the whole racist scandal, the band released Wildfire, which stands alongside Cold Steel as an equal.  Fearlessly epic and heartlessly blackened simultaneously, Wildfire gets a lot of rotation on mine and so many others laptops and record players.

  1. Mare Cognitum- Luminiferus Aether


This is the album I can’t leave alone.  Blackened melodic atmosphere with depressive and ambient interludes woven throughout, pair beautifully with Jacob Buczarski’s tortured vocals and melancholy guitar solos.    This is a memorable release that I’ll continue to return to for years after its release.  Luminiferus Aether slides easily into the number one spot for 2016.

Honorable Mentions:

Embalmer- Emanations From the Crypt: This one was well worth the wait.  Probably the most brutal release this year.

Dark Funeral- Where Shadow Forever Reign: This was a great comeback for the band. Melodic and frostbitten.

Nokturnal Mortum & Graveland- The Spirit Never Dies: Epic and amazing.  Double props to Rob Darken for ruffling Antifa’s sensitive little feathers.

Condition Critical- Extermination Plan: Thrash-terpiece

Vindland- Hanter Savet: Beautiful traditional, no bullshit, black metal with the melodious chill of Sweden’s best

There are so many more great albums I could mention but I have to stop somewhere. List your favorites in the comments.  Happy listening!  Hails!

Metalheads Get a Bad Rap. It’s Time to Set the Record Straight.

Type the words “I hate metalheads” into a Google Search engine and you’ll end up with a menagerie of results.  Entire chat forums have been dedicated to this subject.  Disgruntled outsiders spewing vitriol about how metalheads are elitist assholes, satanic, homophobic, racist, and misogynist can be found all over the web in various formats.  Popular music journalists have dedicated entire articles to incriminating the metal scene for numerous transgressions.

The hate metalheads get (particularly online) has always been baffling to me.  I hang out with mostly metalheads and they are some of the kindest, most hardworking, trustworthy, and intelligent individuals I have come into contact with.  So where’s all the hate coming from?  In this article I’ve decided to tackle the biggest negative stereotypes pinned to metalheads and set the record straight on them.  There are eight that immediately come to mind.  If I’ve unintentionally omitted any, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Metalheads are Elitist


This is probably the most common negative stereotype of which metalheads are accused. We’re put down for intentionally excluding people from being a part of our community for minor offenses, such as liking the wrong bands.  We’re also accused of abandoning an artist or band for receiving mainstream success.  The thing is, metalheads can be elitist, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Here’s why.

First of all, metalheads are passionate about the music they love.  We’re total nerds about it.  So why would we be accepting of fair-weather fans?  Why do we have to be? The fair-weather fan listens to metal to get amped up and angry instead of the relax and unwind the way many true metalheads do.  The fair-weather fan doesn’t have the kind of dedication to the scene that the true metal fan does.

These are the people who “outgrow” metal once they get a corporate job.  By the time they turn 25, listening to extreme music becomes “immature”.  It really doesn’t make sense to me that people view an entire genre of music as juvenile and I take offense to that.  These people are transparent.  They’re usually the 21-year-old kids who end up at Slayer and Cannibal Corpse shows and get into the pit looking for a fight instead of just a rowdy good time.  You literally only see them at larger venue shows with death/metalcore opening acts.  Their lack of dedication is obvious and it makes the hardcore fans a bit uncomfortable.  It’s almost as though they’re devaluing the thing we love most.  I’m certain no one is doing this intentionally, but it can come across this way.  This sentiment is rampant amongst any nerd subculture; anime, comic books, Star Wars etc.  It’s also rampant in the punk, indie, and electronica scene but metalheads take a lot more shit for it.

As far as the accusation that metalheads stop liking bands once they become successful, that’s easily explainable too.  Generally speaking, in order for a band to gain mainstream success, they have to water down their sound quite a bit.  Think about Rust in Peace versus Cryptic Writings or Kill Em’ All versus St. Anger.  The sound is notably different, more palatable, and less intricate.  St. Anger panders to the fair-weather fan.  That said, I wouldn’t say I hate Metallica.  As the catchphrase goes, I only like their old shit.  But there are disadvantages to any band gaining mainstream success, even if their music doesn’t lack in quality as they become more popular.

I don’t think any true metalhead would call Iron Maiden, for example, sell outs.  Even if you haven’t bought a new Maiden album since, say, Fear of the Dark, you can’t deny there’s nothing quite like the sound of Bruce Dickenson’s chops and Steve Harris’ bass lines.  But even though Maiden hasn’t changed their sound much as a result of their success, going to their live shows has drastically changed.  In order to see Maiden live, you now have to pay close to $125 to get piss poor seats in the back and watch the band from a big screen.  Beers at these big venues are $8 a pop if you’re lucky.  Many times, there are actually chairs in these venues.  That’s just what I want to do when one of my favorite bands is killing onstage, sit.  Everything about the show, aside from the music, is commercialized and lame and the band members are untouchable celebrities.  This is a far cry from the quaint atmosphere of the small club.  At underground shows you’re right at the forefront, the pit is rowdy, the beer and merch is cheap, and the bands are approachable.  It’s a much better time. Because Iron Maiden rules so hard, however,  metalheads endure the lamer atmosphere of the venues they perform at.

As far as “true” metalheads hating on deathcore, metalcore, and hipster black metal, the answer is easy as well.  Simply put, true underground death, black, and thrash metal is notably more difficult to play (in most cases) and these “poser” genres are clearly watered down to appeal to a larger audience.  Generally the people attracted to these genres are younger than the average true metal fan.  That said, every true metal fan has his or her gateway bands.  For me, it was Marilyn Manson and Danzig.  To this day I listen to those bands.  For others it may be Asking Alexandria.  Most of the older metal fans are willing to expose the younger, core fans to more extreme music if they’re interested.  Nine times out of ten, however, these fans are not interested in hearing something different and just want you to accept their shitty music as true metal even though it’s not.  And most of the time the “elitist’s” only crime is pointing that out.  Tell someone that Born of Osiris is not real metal and they’ll get their panties in a bunch.  Why?  We didn’t attack your character.  All we did was point something out.  Sure, we may rag on each other from time to time for liking, say, Slipknot, but it’s all in good fun.  The only people in the scene that actually do attack people’s character for the music they listen to are mouth breathing, internet trolls generally between the ages of 17 and 22.  Please stop it.  You’re making us look bad.

Metalheads are Racist, Right Wing Assholes

muni waste

This one irks me.  Metal is a diverse, worldwide community that is comprised of all different races, and political orientations.  There are entire genres of metal dedicated to left-wing causes like veganism.  Thrash metal is, by and large, left-wing.  Bands like Gojira are dedicated to environmentalism.  It isn’t fair to categorize all of us as right wingers. Still, the stereotype comes from somewhere, and judging from my own Facebook feed, metal does seem to attract several people who lean right on the political spectrum.  I have a few theories as to why.

The vast majority of metal fans are men.  This is changing over time and more and more women are finding themselves attracted to metal, but metal is still 90% men (not an actual statistic).  Generally, the type of men that are drawn to metal are strong, masculine men.  It makes complete sense considering the aggressive nature of metal. Statistics have shown that stronger, more masculine men are more likely to be right-wing.  I’m not sure how much I value these statistics but it does seem to add up when you consider the types of things stronger men value and are interested in.  Gun collecting, hunting, meat-eating etc. come to mind.  Liberals don’t tend to value these things as much, oftentimes attacking them outright.

As far as the accusation of racism is concerned, I blame Scandinavian black metal.  A lot of the second wave black metal bands outwardly expressed racist ideology.  The early second wave movement was virtually steeped in it and black metal has never fully recovered. Metal is a worldwide phenomenon, so it’s bound to have some devotees with less than savory beliefs, just like any cultural movement.  Black metal is also outsider art, and it’s not supposed to cater to societal norms let alone make the average person feel comfortable.

That said, the majority of metaheads don’t share these sorts of dangerous beliefs, even within the black metal scene.  Metal festivals are diverse events that unite people from all over the world in their shared love the extreme genre.  As for politics, ask the average metalhead their opinion on them and they’ll say they could give a fuck about them.

Metalheads Are Dumb


 First of all, there are both dumb and smart devotees of any subculture.  But evidence has shown that metalheads may actually fair above average in the intelligence department, contrary to popular belief.  A study was conducted on the students in the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth that shows a disproportionate number of the members listed heavy metal as their favorite genre of music.  The National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth represents the top 5% of academic achievement.  You can read more on the study in this article published in The Guardian.

There have also been studies the indicate that metalheads are similar to classical music fans in temperament.  Metalheads tend to be creative and sensitive types, according to these studies.  Many metalheads are also musicians.  It is pretty well documented that learning to play and instrument raises your IQ.  In my personal experience, metalheads tend to be above average in intelligence.  Many metalheads have nerdier hobbies, like reading or watching historical documentaries and enjoy learning.  Of course, there are dumb metalheads, but there are dumb people everywhere.

Metalheads Swear and Say Fag Too Much

This one is semi true.  We do swear a lot, when we’re out partying.  The only place metalheads are usually depicted is at shows, either playing or attending, or in interviews with other metalheads.  Beer is usually involved in those interviews, especially since interviews often take place before bands perform.  Metalheads are rarely depicted in the workplace behaving professionally.

We probably do say fag too much but, in all fairness, the metal scene in mostly made up of guys and that’s just how many guys rib on each other, whether or not they listen to metal.  Still, metal could stand to be a little more sensitive toward homosexuality and LGBT issues in general.  There is no reason a gay man should worry about coming out to fellow metalheads if he shares our passion for the music.  Metalheads have also proven to be accepting of this issue, however.  I don’t know anyone who stopped listening to Judas Priest after Rob Halford came out.  That says something.

Metalheads Drink and Party Too Much

To reiterate my earlier point, metalheads are usually depicted while at shows…. partying.  It isn’t fair to peg us all as drunkard cretins because we get a little rowdy on the weekends…… just like everyone else.  The truth is, metalheads are some of the hardest working people I know.  The punk aesthetic to quit your job and start a band doesn’t resonate with metalheads.  Most adult metalheads have fulltime jobs and start bands on the side. There’s an understanding that the underground nature of extreme metal doesn’t lead to widespread, mainstream success, and having a job is mandatory in order to pay for gear, gas, beer, and What-A-Burger.

Metal is also more difficult to play than other genres of music, requiring hours of practice and mastery of your instrument.  Many metalheads are musicians, so their lives are basically work, practice, work practice.  Can you really blame them for partying it up on the weekend when they work so hard?  As for those of us who aren’t musicians, metalheads are passionate and driven to anything in their power to support the scene.  Some of us write, book and promote shows, distribute merch, draw sick art etc.  We do all this while having fulltime jobs and sometimes even going to school.

Metalheads are Satanic


I lol at this one because it’s so incredibly inaccurate.  Sure, metal bands may have Satanic imagery on their album covers and write blasphemous lyrics, but it’s all intended for shock value, and doesn’t represent the band’s actual beliefs, most of the time. Slayer is one of the most notorious bands that’s said to promote Satanism.  All of the members of Slayer are confirmed to be atheists except for Tom Araya who believes in a higher power of some sort.

This anti-religion aesthetic is shared by the majority of the metal community.  Atheistic beliefs are the norm amongst metalheads.  In my personal experience, metalheads who profess actual allegiance to Satan are mocked by others in the scene.  It’s seen as childish.  In all honesty, most of us couldn’t give two fucks about religion and are put off by the judgemental and restrictive nature of it.  That said, there is a such thing as Christian metal.  It’s not really my thing, but if you’re a fan, more power to you.  Overall, calling metalheads Satanic is laughable and simply makes you look uninformed.

 Metalheads Only Like Metal and Don’t Respect Other Forms of Music.

This accusation is about as inaccurate as the one about us being Satanists.  I hang out with a lot of metalheads, and exactly zero of them only listen to metal.  I personally listen to everything from surf punk to classic rock to trip hop.  Nick Cave is one of my favorite artists and performers.  Among my friends, there are fans of everything from gangsta rap to Taylor Swift.

The thing is, metalheads listen to all types of music but we’re picky about it.  Our standards are high and with good reason.  Our music is probably better than yours.  Yep, I said it and I’m not sorry.  Aside from classical and jazz, metal is arguably the most difficult form of music to play.  I know, non metalheads think it just sounds like screaming and noise, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  And those “screaming” vocals non metalheads hate so much are way more difficult to belt out than the whiny drivel venerated from mainstream pop stars.  The fickle nature of average pop music fans only strengthens my argument.  Pop stars are mostly forgotten about (except for those with real talent like Prince of Michael Jackson).  Metal fans, on the other hand, don’t stop listening to music just because it’s dated.  Venom’s Black Metal is still widely celebrated in the metal scene and it’s over thirty years old….. because it’s good and it stands the test of time.

I’ll admit, I mostly listen to metal, but that’s because I’m passionate about it.  Does anyone accuse sci-fi fans of only watching sci-fi movies and reading sci-fi books/comics?  Nope.  So why do we get crap for listening to tons of metal?

Metalheads are also accused of only listening to one genre of metal and dismissing the rest.  This isn’t true either.  Sure, we have our favorites.  I’m partial, to black metal, thrash, melodic black/death, and old school heavy death metal.  A lot of my friends are really into brutal death metal and grindcore.  Even though that’s not really my preference, I would never doubt their commitment to the scene or judge them for it.  People who do that are mouth breathing idiots who don’t represent the scene.  But having a preference doesn’t make you a judgmental prick, it makes you a human being.

Metal is Misogynist

This one’s a bit harder to tackle.  There are definitely some bands that write misogynist lyrics.  Pornogrind is a genre that often spouts blatantly sexist lyrics on their albums.  But I can’t reiterate enough, that metal lyrics are written for shock value much of the time.  Do you think Chris Barns actually wants to kill people and feast on their stinking, bloody guts?  Well, these brutal death and pornogrind bands don’t actually want to abuse women either.  They just want to ruffle a few feathers.

I actually know a few bands who’ve written some seemingly misogynist lyrics and they have turned out to be some of the sweetest most well-mannered men I have ever met.  The best relationships I have ever had have been with metal guys.  It isn’t fair to judge these men based on their lyric sheets.  Metal focuses on the darker aspects of society and many metal lyrics are simply based on true stories about serial killers and war.  Outside of the mosh pit, though, most of us are well-mannered and kind.

That was a long post, but it was necessary in order to ensure I didn’t leave out anything.  Again, if you think I left something out, please mention it in the comments.  To further clear up any misconceptions about metalheads, check out the documentary below.  A couple of my friends are in it and it’s pretty cool.  If that isn’t enough to change your mind, check out this link  It’s literally just hardcore metal dudes pictured with their cats.  I hope I cleared things up.  Thank you for reading.

Downloading Music Isn’t a Problem. Here’s the Real Reason Your Band Isn’t Making any Money.

Talk to any record/CD hoarding metal elitist and they’ll have you believing that anyone who’s ever downloaded an album illegally might as well be stealing money directly out of a band’s pocket like an orphan out of Oliver Twist.  Don’t get me wrong.  Illegally downloading music is a somewhat unsavory action, akin to stealing change out of a friend’s glove box, or farting on your roommate’s pillow.  I would definitely encourage a “scene supporter” to either buy CDs directly from a band, or MP3s from Bandcamp or directly from labels.  But illegal downloading isn’t the epidemic that CD collecting snobs would have you believe, nor is even the main contributor to the current pay to play culture within the metal zeitgeist.

Literally the devil

People have been listening to music for free since forever.  All the metal veterans who constantly harken back to the glory days of tape trading were basically just downloading music illegally.  CD collectors who buy anything at used record stores are basically stealing from the band as well.  Do you stream music on Youtube or Spotify?  You fucking thief! The fact of the matter is, that unless you purchase a CD, MP3, or record directly from a label or at a show from the band, there’s really no guarantee that the band is getting any money from the sale.

So if record sales never really made a huge impact on a band’s income, what does?  Well first off underground metal bands really never made that much money.  As a general rule, metal bands don’t experience mainstream success and radio play because of the extreme nature of their sound.  Cannibal Corpse released three albums before they could even quit their day jobs. But today the idea of a band being able to quit their day job is practically unheard of.  Bands used to make money off of ticket sales, merch sales, interviews, and appearences.  But today most underground bands literally pay to play.  So what changed?  When did ticket and merch sales go down so dramatically that bands simply couldn’t make a profit let alone sustain themselves?  And why?

The problem does not stem from illegal downloading or even over accessibility via the internet, although admittedly those two elements might contribute it.  The true problem in the scene, however, is over saturation.  Twenty and thirty years ago, thrash, death, and black metal were still groundbreaking genres within metal.  Every week bands were pushing boundaries and playing heavier and faster than their predecessors.  Bands like Death, Slayer, Possessed, Deicide, Destruction, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Ulver, Sepultura, and Morbid Angel paved the way for countless other bands.  New genres, like doom, folk, and grind were born.  Genres began coalescing and blackened thrash, and death grind were born.  Death metal became brutal, then melodic.  Black metal became raw, then pagan.  New things were happening and it was exciting.  Bands had a signature sound.

big four
Say what you want about the Big Four, but they were doing something original.

Bands continued to push the limits  until sooner or later, everything had been done.  That, however, didn’t stop people from continuing to write music.  Instead of trying to be completely original, since that became an impossibility, musicians began drawing from their influences.  Eventually metal became the massive, worldwide phenomenon it is today.  While that’s unbelievably awesome for the average fan, it creates a problem for would be musicians because of an increase in competition.  There are simply too many bands.  With as many bands as there are, one would think that the streets would be swarming with metal musicians everywhere you looked.  It’s actually almost weird that kind of fucking lame that that is not the case, but I digress.

The thing is that there are simply too many bands for even the truest fan to keep up with.  Tell me one band you like, and I can name about ten more that you’d like based on that.  Like Dissection?  You should check out Vinterland, Eternal Lies, Nalgfar, Istapp, Lord Belial, Thulcandra etc, etc….  Like Destroyer 666?  You’ll probably like Slaughter Messiah, Aura Noir, Frosthelm, Excidium, Lord etc..  We just have too many choices anymore and that’s both good and bad.  Because metalheads are both eclectic and not fickle, it means that we never usually let go of our favorite albums, even after the band has broken up, and we’re always open to listen to another band that’s true to our preferences.  But since there are so many bands, no one can keep up.  A pair of friends can be talking about bands at a show and mention ten bands each that their friend has never heard of.  Neither’s cred even comes into question.  I’ve seen it happen.  I’ve had it happen to me.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s a problem.  So how do we rectify this problem?

It’s probably too late but there are a few things we can do.  First of all, some of you need to put down your instruments.  Look, I know you’re passionate, and you want to create, but most of you are mediocre and you’re not contributing much to the scene with your music.  If you want to be involved in the scene, there are so many other ways to involve yourself.  Book shows, draw sick art, write reviews, take photographs of nature, print shirts, open a record store, do lights……I could go on and on.  Maybe starting band isn’t for everyone.  Some of you just need to be fans.  There’s nothing more ridiculous than being at a show that’s literally bands watching bands.  That shit happens all the damn time.

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The new additions to Metal Archives as of this month.  317 new bands.  Some of you need to sit the fuck down.

If you’re in a band, stop with the goddamn side projects.  So you’re in a thrash band but you’ve really been getting into DSBM and you’re thinking about starting a one man project?  No, just no!  Either quit the thrash band and focus on the DSBM project or vice versa.  For God’s sake don’t do both.  The only reason there are so many bands but metal musicians aren’t filling the streets is because everyone is in three bands.  Just stop.  Focus on one thing and make it great.  Try and be original as hard as that can be.  Try and have a signature sound.  Pour your blood into your project.  Make an impact on the scene.

I’m pretty much in every band.

Fans, really need to start getting to know bands and their material.  This can be difficult with so much music to choose from just a click away on youtube, but it’s a trend that needs to resurface.  Back in the 90’s, we’d buy every Death album, or whomever, and listen to those albums over and over until they became ingrained in our memory, and we knew every word, and every solo by heart.  Today, there’s so much music readily available, we’ve all developed musical ADD.  We practically forget what a band sounds like right after listening to them.  We’re already on the next band.  This needs to stop.  Fandom and obsession needs to be reborn.  Of course, everyone has their favorite bands that they already behave like fanboys around, all I’m suggesting is that we do this more.  There are artists I have liked a lot that I never just never got around to listening to more than one or two albums from, let alone their entire discography, simply because of the sheer volume of my music collection.

And the last, and most important factor is to go to shows.  Go to as many as possible  Buy merch while you’re there.  Get drunk and have a good time.  Be a fan.  Even if you’re in a band, go see other bands.  Bring your friends and get the word out.  This is where bands make their money. on merch and ticket sales.  Show your support!

So I suppose my conclusion is that, metal has way more problems than illegal downloading.  If you own a thousand records but you never get out and see live music, I hate to break it to you but you are not a scene supporter.  All that means is that you are willing to designate a large portion of your apartment space to your huge music collection.  If you downloaded a few albums because you’re poor, you’re not the worst person ever either.  As long as you go to shows, and buy a t-shirt here or there, you fucking rule!  Let’s all stop the guilt tripping then and just try to create something original.  With that in mind, let’s bang our heads to some old Slayer, a truly original band in their time.  Your band couldn’t touch what they did.


For the Love of Metal: Artists Who Risk Everything to Rock


In Europe and America we often take for granted certain liberties we have. Artistic and political freedom are unappreciated amenities in the free world. Metal bands in Europe and America have the creative license to be as openly satanic, racist, revolting, and offensive as they please, and still they whine about Christians and posers like a bunch of fucking pussy bitches.  They seem to have overlooked that artistic freedom isn’t a luxury in some parts of the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, just being a longhaired, metal head freak can get you executed. And you took offense when that old lady crossed the street when she saw you coming.

But despite the hostile governmental and religious oppression, metal bands are springing out of the Muslim world in insanely large numbers.  Now, I’m not talking about countries like Indonesia, Turkey, or Bangladesh; all countries that are relatively progressive and not subject to extreme religious persecution.  Metal is actually thriving in those countries, and a lot of it is pretty rad.  But for the purposes of this article, I’m more interested the metal being churned out of countries in which Sharia Law has been enacted.  The countries that police thoughts, and fear women’s bodies.  The countries where having the wrong opinion can get you stoned.  The countries where the people seem to be endlessly at war with one another over the bullshit written in some archaic text.  Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.  Metal, with its brashness, depravity, intentional offensiveness, and “sinful” nature is most certainly banned in countries.

Thankfully, for metal heads the world over, these antiquated laws didn’t stop some brave souls from clandestinely bellowing the sounds of hellfire from their garages and basements.  While American and European metal band’s biggest concerns are whether or not there will be a decent turn out at their shows, bands in The Middle East worry about their shows being shut down and being convicted as infidels.  The spirit of metal is ablaze within them though and these brave warriors play the music they love despite the danger that awaits them.  This article hopes to pay homage to those bands.

Janaza was one of the first extreme metal bands said to have come out of the of the oppressed Middle East.  Fronted by a female, Janaza aggravated all Islamic taboos, with their brand of satanic black metal.  The band kept their identities and location private for fear of persecution.  Janaza was said to be a part of the Arabic Anti-Islamic Legion and ardently dissented against Sharia Law and the dogma within the Quran, even going so far as to title their album Burning Quran Ceremony.

The band was said to have split because two of the members were fearful for their safety and later, the woman who fronted Janaza went on to form Seeds of Iblis.  Seeds of Iblis was musically similar to Janaza, with its raw, blackened intensity.  Unfortunately, while the music is good as well as the band’s ideals, the whole thing was exposed as a fraud.  All the pictures of the band have proven to be fakes and even the band’s claimed Iraqi origins have come into question.  But this publicity stunt did, however bring attention to the actual metal coming out of the Middle East.

Janaza or whoever…..

Many bands coming out of the Middle East are less blatantly Anti-Islamic, instead opting to focus on Middle Eastern religions and myths.  Cyaxares, for example, is a one man death/folk project out of Iraq.  The band’s sound is more interesting and intelligent than the simple, raw sound of Janaza. Mir Shamal Hama-faraj, the mastermind behind Whores of Babylon, creates an interesting atmosphere by combining Arabian folk music, with elements of tech death, and melodic death metal.

Syrian black metal band, Theoria has a more traditional atmospheric black sound with elements of depressive metal woven throughout.  The band’s sole release, 2013’s Mantra has notably satanic cover art, which is risky for a band coming out of oppressed Syria.  The lyrical themes on Mantra, however, aren’t so openly satanic but instead more intelligent and esoteric.  I actually really enjoy this band’s music.  Ahmed and Besher started the project in 2012 and is said to be still active despite not having released anything since 2013.  The band is signed to French label, Antiq Records.

Similarly, Aras is one man Iranian black metal band with depressive elements.  Lord Aras, the visionary behind Aras keeps busy, and has released six full length albums since 2004 along with a slew of EPs and demos.  The majority of Aras’ music is instrumental, although Lord Aras does occasionally inject raspy, blackened wails into the background of the music.  This is good stuff for the more patient black metal listener.  Lovers of Wedard or Trist might find themselves enjoying Aras.  The band’s more recent material, 2014’s Pest, is entirely instrumental, but I’d highly recommend Aras’ demo entitled Arase Khoonin.  Once again, the band plays it fairly safe lyrically, mostly focusing on Iranian folklore.

The band that’s perhaps taking the biggest artistic risks however, is Saudi Arabian black/folk metal band, Al Namrood.  The band has outright anti-religious lyrical themes and has even spoken out against the Quran and the Islamic State in interviews.  Al Namrood’s music videos cinematically display the exploitative nature of the Islamic State and the overtly decadent nature of the Eastern monarchs.  The band has gone on to explain that religion is not really a concern of their’s.  Still, Al Namrood is taking a great risk in creating their interesting blend of black metal and Arabian folk.

This article is truly a testament to power of metal.  Metal has transcended either end of the Earth and people are risking their lives simply to create it.  It is truly a remarkable thing.  Let’s hope that there’s Norway like revolution in the Middle East and metal comes out reigning supreme. Until then though, we can enjoy the evil sounds of the east billowing from our speakers.  All hail Middle Eastern metal!

Record Store Day Sucks, Metal Sucks, and Collector Scum.

For the past three days since the ever growing “holiday” of Record Store Day happened, my news feed on various social media outlets has been flooded by an ever present article from Axl (pictured above in his metal glory).  The general gist of the story is that NAILS’ Todd Jones doesn’t like Record Store Day; and in all honest neither should you. I’m going to breakdown exactly what’s wrong with the article and Record Store day in general.

The gist of the problem is one many bands face gearing up in the face of the ever devouring machine known as “The Big Studios”. In the months leading up to Record Store Day at least for the last few years major labels have been flooding pressing plants with limited edition (and by that I mean only a million copies minted!) albums you probably already own or can buy cheaper at the shop already. This leaves independent or self-distributed artists out in the cold and money essentially locked in escrow forever.

Let me put it this way, I own a small label and we do occasionally press vinyl, normally in 100-200 batch run.  Now even at 100 LPs that’s still costing me over 3k to press, do you think a major pressing plant is going to rush order my job over a copy of Atreyu’s greatest hits? Of course not. What’s 100 vs 1 million. So now I get to wait months and months while whatever drivel Jack White is pushing out in tye dye vinyl gets rushed straight through in time for the magic “Record Store Day”

Record Store Day by itself isn’t a bad concept.  In fact, it was a great one. A day dedicated to going to your local brick house record store buying some LPs and getting something cool. The problem is that LPs now outsell CDs, and the major studios are all but eager to take advantage of the collector scum market to get some great big bucks out of the process. After all, what’s going to get new customers to a store quicker than a reissue picture of the Sex Pistols?

This will be sure to bring out the hidden vinyl fans!

What’s even worse is the fact that not only can I go into just about any brick store I could find that album for under $3.50, but now it’s all fair, we have the picture disc! And it’s only $22.99! Take a look through the exclusives, they’re all probably albums you already own or albums you find in the vinyl section of the Goodwill.  What’s even worse is that Axl, again as pictured above in all his metal glory with Samurai Cop at Lolicon or whatever paedophile convention that happens to be taken at doesn’t understand, of all the “exclusives” the only really metal thing listed in an Anthrax 7″, but knowing Axl he’s probably counting the Atreyu and Five Finger Death Punch albums as well.

But I’m not here to get off on a tangent or post memes like other blogs, I’m here simply to say this; NAILS has an album ready to go but can’t be pressed because everyone is pressing the greatest hits of the Clash or assembling a Nirvana Boxset of material you’ve already heard (only this time… it was recorded on a tape deck!) There’s nothing unique or special, there’s nothing that brings new people in. It’s shit for collectors and people thinking picture discs and limited super special glow in the dark editions are worth something, or well, hipsters. I’d also like to take the time time to point out that NAILS is traditionally a powerviolence/grind band so posting some idiotic black metal photo is ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as getting hit in the face with a dildo….

You know, a lot of people who know me know I love two things, metal and comics.  But let’s take a page from “the industry that does it right”, of course I mean comics. Sure, it’s crass, it’s capitalistic, and it serves only to get more readers for a month or so, but damn it at least comic book day does it right. None of this omnibus $200 special limited edition bullshit. Hell, you get free 0 issues and #1, on any given comic book day you can walk out with not only a shit load of free books from indies and the big two, but a lot of discounted back issues.  That’s an industry that managed to capitalize it’s audience, draw in new people, and do it in a way that doesn’t push any books aside with only one distro and 3 printers in the entire US.

I admit, I’m guilty of being collector scum, I needed the first copy of Faith No More’s Sol Invictus on cassette and vinyl, and I needed the original issues of James Robinson’s Starman run; but at least on Comic Book Day I don’t see people with shitty blogs making fun of artists (when they themselves probably couldn’t write a song much less an album) for legitimate complaints about an industry that’s built entirely around the idea that idiots buy idiot things. To put it another way, will someone walk in and say, “What’s this Flaming Lips jive? Might want to pony up a few hundred for a box set of glow in the dark vinyls to find out.” Is saying,”look we have all your old shit, only it’s on slightly higher grade vinyl and also, we’re going to make sure you don’t get new shit you have not heard just so you can re-buy Straight Out of Compton again”, a way to get people in vinyl or even into a music store? Of course not.

Everyone hates buying the same shit twice, even if it’s been remixed in dolby digital 5.1 surround. And in the end, if the goal is to bring new people into stores, or even bring people into stores in general give them something new, not something they can find there already. Give them incentive beyond “it’s a different color now”.  And if your goal is to be a writer than don’t bitch about a band for having a legitimate grievance with a broken system; and definitely don’t poke fun at them.  Until then true believers, I’ll simply say this; take a note from the industry that manages to get a new audience with new material even if it means pressing on cereal box presses (Yeah, Charlton Comics did that.  Give the buyer something new, not the same old shit. I’ll enjoy DC Rebirth #0, Record Store Day can enjoy paying 30 bucks for the same Ragina Specktor album you already bought 5 years ago, or a copy of “The Shaggs” 7″ which, let’s be honest you only really want because at one point Frank Zappa said they were brilliant and it’ll impress your friends!  End rant!  Here’s NAILS!