Underworld Zine is dedicated to covering extreme metal.  Whether it be reviewing new albums, interviewing bands you’ve never heard of, bringing you the latest metal updates, or just spewing our shitty, elitist opinions, Underworld only seeks to deliver the most extreme, underground metal news today, straight from the mosh pit.



One thought on “About”

  1. Hi there Tabitha

    Just writing you to notice about my new label, in order to let people know my new label Unleashed Power Productions

    If you can notice my 2 first releases in your blog, briefly, i would be very thankeful

    I just re-released 2 cds in a row (Bathym -USA- and Deflagration -SWITZERLAND-, two old death metal bands from the 90s), and ‘m going to release one comp in the next weeks with several bands from all over the world (Midnight, Internal Bleeding, Omission, Disevered, Iron Curtain, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, Nuclear Revenge, Electrocution, Em Ruinas, Decayed, Omega…).

    If you can notice in Underworld blog about UPP it would be great, i feel that i need a greater support to get my label more known and recover the investment, making a minimum profit to “get by” in these first days.

    All the best from Madrid, Spain;)

    José Miguel Gala


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