Epidemia- Leprocomio


From the bowels of Ecuador comes death metal outfit Epidemia.  The band released their second full length LP, Lepricomio, on Russian extreme metal label Satanath Records back in May of 2016 and has received little exposure.  This is unfair, I believe, since Lepricomio is a solidly brutal effort that melts faces upon impact.

Considering the band has been brutalizing audiences for over a decade and has only released two full length albums to date, one can only assume the band suffers from underground band syndrome, which is unsettling from such a promising band. Pulverizing riffs and bone crushing, true metal breakdowns are the meat of Leprocomio.

The more aggressive parts of the album are defined by the cohesive tangibility which induces immediate head banging.  The sound is reminscent of bands like Revel in Flesh or even Dismember.  Solos on the album are eerily Death inspired, the drums are face melting, and Adrian Salazar’s vocals are a clear and classic low growl.  What I found most appealing about this album was the fluidity in the progressions.  Changes in progression flowed nicely which made for an enjoyable listening experience.

Stand out tracks on the album were Retribución homicida (that fucking opening riff) and Agonistes en el inframundo.  This is a band that deserves much more exposure. Fans of old school, gripping death metal with bone crushing blasts, blistering solos, and breakdowns played the way they were meant to be played, take note.  Ecuador’s Epidemia is definitely worth your time.



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