Baphomet’s Blood- In Satan We Trust

baphomet's blood

It’s taken me an abominable amount of time to get around to covering this album but, with all due respect, this release just sort of snuck up on me.  I honestly can’t thank Youtube enough for recommending this to me, as In Satan We Trust could easily be one of my picks for album of the year.  Italian born thrash/speed metal outfit, Baphomet’s Blood began perfecting their signature brand of Motorhead inspired, satanic speed metal back in 2003, and I must say that they have come a long way since their humble beginnings.

Everything the band has released thus far has been epic, but In Satan We Trust takes epic to another level.  The very first thing I noticed about this album was the production.  Despite being a new release, this album sounds like it came out 1985.  It possesses all the elements of a great, classic speed metal album from the 80’s: grittiness, raw energy, and power.  Put this album along side Hell Awaits or Onslaught’s Power From Hell and you wouldn’t doubt that it came out the same year.  In addition to having that old school gritty quality to their sound, Baphomet’s Blood’s production remains polished throughout, with every instrument audible and clear.

In Satan We Trust kicks off with a gitchy, horror movie like intro and pulverizes listeners without warning with a Slayer-esque opening riff.  The very first riff will have you digging around for your bullet belt and pounding your fist.  Yes, this is fist pounding, headbanger shit to the core.  Necrovomiterror’s vocals are an endearing throwback to Lemmy Kilmister’s gravelly stylings.  Dual guitar solos, charmingly satanic lyrical themes, catchy riffs, and anthemic choruses will have you giving yourself whiplash within the privacy of your home.  It’s kind of crazy how much this album rules.

Tracks like Hellbreaker, Triple Six, and Whiskey Rocker are sing along classics in the making.  Infernal Overdrive and Triple Six in particular have almost awe inducing beautiful solos that harken back to the old school days of NWOBHM.  It’s as though Lemmy Kilmister fucked Cronos from Venom and made a baby, then fed it nothing but Slayer and Razor riffs after injecting it with a solid dose of rock and roll.  It’s that good.  I seriously can’t say enough good things about this album.  I know, I’m gushing, but fuck……..10/10





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