Wo Fat- Midnight Cometh

Wo Fat Midnight Cometh Front Cover small

Wo Fat aren’t a metal band in the purest sense.  In fact, the band doesn’t even have a metal archives page, which is kind of a prerequisite for being metal (unless of course, you belong to this new school horde of bandcamp metal bands that refuses to set up a metal archives page, but I get to them at a later date) .  Wo fat isn’t that though.  They’re more of psychedelic rock band.  But Underworld will pay its respects to Wo Fat because Wo Fat has one thing that all metalheads crave and fiend for like a bunch of junkies………riffs.

Despite not being a traditional metal band per say, any metal fan worth his weight in salt would have respect for the kind of freak out , psychedelic, guitar worship reverberations pumped out by the Texas, desert rock trio.  Wo Fat combines all the best elements from early classic rock (cool riffs, long trippy solos, and mind fuck, stoner lyrics) and metals up the sound by cranking up the distortion.  Wo Fat, and most other modern psychedelic rock bands, completely omit the folky or cheesy elements many classic rock bands embraced in the 70’s, instead  writing every song as though it’s the long version of Uriah Heep’s “I Don’t Need No Doctor” or something.  That’s where the appeal for metal heads comes in. But Wo Fat is also a band you can enjoy with your dad.  Figured I’d slip that in considering it’s Father’s Day and all.

Aside from the short, driving anthem “Riffborn”, all the tracks on Midnight Cometh are almost 10 minutes long, featuring long solos, and jam breaks.  “Of Smoke and Fog”, the longest track on the album, particularly stood out for me,  with its long build up and groovy jam toward the end of the track.  The track’s chorus was noteably catchy as well, the kind of chorus that lodges itself in your brain for hours after listening to it.  The album continues with this general theme and ends epically with Nightcomer, a freakout anthem, with bombastic drumming and mind blowing jams.  This isn’t your typical stoner shit.  Wo Fat brings it hard as fuck.  From the first riff in “There’s Something Sinister in the Wind”, metalheads, stoners, and dads alike will be hooked.  Fans of Naam, Egypt, Budgie, and Mountain take note.  This is an album that will find it’s way into regular rotation in your playlist.  So roll up a doob and get ready to freak the fuck out.  Midnight Cometh is a must listen for 2016.



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