Rust In Peace: A Tribute to Nick Menza


Most of my readers should be aware by now that the former Megadeth drummer and thrash metal legend was taken from us last night due to heart failure.  This an extremely sad moment in metal history so Underworld Zine would like to pay tribute to the late drummer.

Nick Menza had prodigy written all over him.  He began to play drums at the age of two.  By the time he reached adulthood, he was already a god.  All you teenage drummer wannabes should lay your sticks down now.  You’ll never compare to this guy.  But seriously, despite being best known for his contribution to Megadeth, this guy has been in all the bands.  His resume is long as shit, going back to his early efforts in Cold Fire all the way to his most recent effort in OHM.  The metal world has truly lost a legend.

My own experience with Nick Menza is special as well.  When you’re a teenage girl into thrash metal, you get very few opportunities to swoon over musicians,  Metal is saturated with the ugliest cretins on the face of the earth and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  But when I bought my first copy of Rust in Peace and saw Nick Menza’s face, I melted.  I was already a fan and then I heard Rust in Peace and basically never even listened to Metallica anymore.  It was a life changing moment for me.  Holy Wars…..The Punishment Due taught me what thrash metal was supposed to sound like.

Megadeth was also the first band I met in person.  They did a CD signing at the Northtown Mall in the small town of Blaine Minnesota for the release of Cryptic Writings.  I’ll never forget meeting them, shaking their hands, and getting them to autograph my worn cassette copy of Rust in Peace. It was truly a formative moment in my own adolescence. And Nick Menza was a sweet guy and also very handsome in person.

It is truly tragic that we lost Nick Menza at such a young age (he was a mere 51 years old) but he died onstage doing the thing he loved most and left behind a legacy and a dent in the metal zeitgeist.  So instead of hanging your head low, throw up those horns high and bang your head to thrash metal perfection.  I don’t think Nick Menza would want it any other way.


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