Inquisition Streaming New Track!!


It’s been three years in the making, but Columbian black metal band Inquisition has finally announced the release date of their new album, entitled “Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith”.  The new album will be released to the public on August 26 of this year on Seasons of Mist but, as a teaser, the band has leaked one song from the LP for streaming.  Inquisition claims that this new album will be the heaviest and most atmospheric to date.  Bands always say shit like that, but from the sounds of the newest track, entitled “Wings of Anu”, they aren’t lying.

The first notable feature in the new the track were Dagon’s vocals.  They were markedly raspier than in recent years, almost becoming growls at points in the song.  One of the things Inquisition haters always like to annoyingly point out are Dagon’s Donald Duck like vocal stylings.  These people aren’t really listening to the music or they wouldn’t give a shit about the vocals, and if they did ten seconds of research, they would realize that Dagon’s vocals are vibratory emanations, deliberately designed for ceremonial, demonic invocations.  That’s probably the most kvlt thing I ever heard.  Nonetheless, Dagon seems to have taken note of the complaints about his vocal stylings and conceded to a more traditional sounding metal vocal.  This is good move and should make the band more accessible to a wider audience.  He did so with such subtlety as to not alienate long term fans as well.

Also notable, was the intensity of the drumming and the overall heaviness of the track.  The track managed to maintain a heaviness, whilst remaining catchy, with a decent hook in the chorus.  I really liked the track and if it’s any indicator for what else is to come on the latest release, I’d say we’re in for a treat.  One thing was missing on this track, was the melodic, ethereal breaks Inquisition is known for.  I can only hope that the band incorporates those hypnotic moments into the new album.  Otherwise, this new track is an absolutely solid precursor of what’s to come within the next few months.  It definitely has me gripping my seat!


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