Wormed- Krighsu


An instant slow burn quickly spreads out creating an overpouring of extreme filth. A steady stream of rapid beats and hell fire rushes across my frame of mind. Some parts of their music are pure eclectic but reasonable noise, other areas area dynamic over the top guitar riffs that rip and shred the living daylights, out of any soul that dares cross it’s path. The vocals are a fine tuned low trudging collection of mayhem at it’s finest.

As I listen on the violent melodies seem to shimmer and rock about in a careless yet death defying manner, without a doubt they are intense.

But they are also quite creative.  With their intros, they know just how to throw you off the beaten path. Song title selection itself seems like something from another planet. Lyrics can not be heard, but there is a terrifying passion that rules this album vocally. A nearly perfect heavy yet morbid creation seemingly sent from afar to destroy all life, and then it’s on to the next song.

They inject some slower moments filled with insane yet delicious tonal patterns. At times their music has an ‘off’ sound about it, especially with the dubbed in radio noise elements with inaudible speaking. Truly a strange musical wonder. Production quality seems top notch, these are some of the most powerful drum parts I have ever heard. The pace which never misses a beat just continues to pound away at my soul.

This has to be the weirdest fucking metal band I have ever heard. Their sound changes a bit into something more alien, though it’s very brief I would have liked more of that. I would have to say that Zeroth-Energy Gravton is my favorite track. I would have liked more of a mixture of that ‘spaced out alien sound’ thrown into their music, but what’s here is pretty good. The vocals were like a never ending juggarnaut of pain, that never did let up. Sometimes I did question the vocals I wondered hey, why not change it up? But then I thought, OK, this is some fierce shit, maybe that’s just what they are going for. Rabid, rough, and ready to kill without a moments notice.

Rating 9/10 by Patrick Wooten



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