Rust In Peace: A Tribute to Nick Menza


Most of my readers should be aware by now that the former Megadeth drummer and thrash metal legend was taken from us last night due to heart failure.  This an extremely sad moment in metal history so Underworld Zine would like to pay tribute to the late drummer.

Nick Menza had prodigy written all over him.  He began to play drums at the age of two.  By the time he reached adulthood, he was already a god.  All you teenage drummer wannabes should lay your sticks down now.  You’ll never compare to this guy.  But seriously, despite being best known for his contribution to Megadeth, this guy has been in all the bands.  His resume is long as shit, going back to his early efforts in Cold Fire all the way to his most recent effort in OHM.  The metal world has truly lost a legend.

My own experience with Nick Menza is special as well.  When you’re a teenage girl into thrash metal, you get very few opportunities to swoon over musicians,  Metal is saturated with the ugliest cretins on the face of the earth and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  But when I bought my first copy of Rust in Peace and saw Nick Menza’s face, I melted.  I was already a fan and then I heard Rust in Peace and basically never even listened to Metallica anymore.  It was a life changing moment for me.  Holy Wars…..The Punishment Due taught me what thrash metal was supposed to sound like.

Megadeth was also the first band I met in person.  They did a CD signing at the Northtown Mall in the small town of Blaine Minnesota for the release of Cryptic Writings.  I’ll never forget meeting them, shaking their hands, and getting them to autograph my worn cassette copy of Rust in Peace. It was truly a formative moment in my own adolescence. And Nick Menza was a sweet guy and also very handsome in person.

It is truly tragic that we lost Nick Menza at such a young age (he was a mere 51 years old) but he died onstage doing the thing he loved most and left behind a legacy and a dent in the metal zeitgeist.  So instead of hanging your head low, throw up those horns high and bang your head to thrash metal perfection.  I don’t think Nick Menza would want it any other way.


Inquisition Streaming New Track!!


It’s been three years in the making, but Columbian black metal band Inquisition has finally announced the release date of their new album, entitled “Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith”.  The new album will be released to the public on August 26 of this year on Seasons of Mist but, as a teaser, the band has leaked one song from the LP for streaming.  Inquisition claims that this new album will be the heaviest and most atmospheric to date.  Bands always say shit like that, but from the sounds of the newest track, entitled “Wings of Anu”, they aren’t lying.

The first notable feature in the new the track were Dagon’s vocals.  They were markedly raspier than in recent years, almost becoming growls at points in the song.  One of the things Inquisition haters always like to annoyingly point out are Dagon’s Donald Duck like vocal stylings.  These people aren’t really listening to the music or they wouldn’t give a shit about the vocals, and if they did ten seconds of research, they would realize that Dagon’s vocals are vibratory emanations, deliberately designed for ceremonial, demonic invocations.  That’s probably the most kvlt thing I ever heard.  Nonetheless, Dagon seems to have taken note of the complaints about his vocal stylings and conceded to a more traditional sounding metal vocal.  This is good move and should make the band more accessible to a wider audience.  He did so with such subtlety as to not alienate long term fans as well.

Also notable, was the intensity of the drumming and the overall heaviness of the track.  The track managed to maintain a heaviness, whilst remaining catchy, with a decent hook in the chorus.  I really liked the track and if it’s any indicator for what else is to come on the latest release, I’d say we’re in for a treat.  One thing was missing on this track, was the melodic, ethereal breaks Inquisition is known for.  I can only hope that the band incorporates those hypnotic moments into the new album.  Otherwise, this new track is an absolutely solid precursor of what’s to come within the next few months.  It definitely has me gripping my seat!

Wormed- Krighsu


An instant slow burn quickly spreads out creating an overpouring of extreme filth. A steady stream of rapid beats and hell fire rushes across my frame of mind. Some parts of their music are pure eclectic but reasonable noise, other areas area dynamic over the top guitar riffs that rip and shred the living daylights, out of any soul that dares cross it’s path. The vocals are a fine tuned low trudging collection of mayhem at it’s finest.

As I listen on the violent melodies seem to shimmer and rock about in a careless yet death defying manner, without a doubt they are intense.

But they are also quite creative.  With their intros, they know just how to throw you off the beaten path. Song title selection itself seems like something from another planet. Lyrics can not be heard, but there is a terrifying passion that rules this album vocally. A nearly perfect heavy yet morbid creation seemingly sent from afar to destroy all life, and then it’s on to the next song.

They inject some slower moments filled with insane yet delicious tonal patterns. At times their music has an ‘off’ sound about it, especially with the dubbed in radio noise elements with inaudible speaking. Truly a strange musical wonder. Production quality seems top notch, these are some of the most powerful drum parts I have ever heard. The pace which never misses a beat just continues to pound away at my soul.

This has to be the weirdest fucking metal band I have ever heard. Their sound changes a bit into something more alien, though it’s very brief I would have liked more of that. I would have to say that Zeroth-Energy Gravton is my favorite track. I would have liked more of a mixture of that ‘spaced out alien sound’ thrown into their music, but what’s here is pretty good. The vocals were like a never ending juggarnaut of pain, that never did let up. Sometimes I did question the vocals I wondered hey, why not change it up? But then I thought, OK, this is some fierce shit, maybe that’s just what they are going for. Rabid, rough, and ready to kill without a moments notice.

Rating 9/10 by Patrick Wooten