Embalmer- Emanations From the Crypt


From the beginning instant chaos is thrust onto my ears. Ferocious explosions of distortion emanate outward into the track like galloping forces of thunder. This is not just about death  and mayhem, but these guys bring the pain, and they are not fucking around. Sheer madness reigns over the vocals, he has passion, power, and command, that radiates like a nuclear blast.

I had to be very careful, I know with music like this there is a chance of getting lost within it especially if your pissed about something. It just digs down deep into your soul, exposing you to a raw and rancid humanity of the darkest most macabre flavors possible.  Whether from it’s over reaching shreds of menacing terror, or the dynamic yet soulful grooves provided by these splendid drums.  What I have before me is a bombastic, yet crazy good time that goes off the rails, but knows exactly where the hell it’s going, and how the hell to get there in all good time. They are consistent and mighty in their approach, second to none.

It’s really something special the way they manage to squeeze these scorching leads in between their signature, thick guitar riffs. Some of the slower parts that grind nearly to a hault will have you screaming to the sky with your devil’s horns raised proudly in an acceptable fashion. A constant, heavy barrage that never lets up. It’s honestly the heaviest, most extreme metal I have ever heard, but at the same time there are all of these elements to make it unique, from the melodies, to the expansive drums, and dammit Paul Gorefiend’s vocals, that seem to be ready to bake kittens in their sleep without regret. There is a supremely profound evil resonating on this album and I approve of it without a doubt. The themes of their tracks alone, are a wonderous treat to behold. This music is a true escape from an already shitty world that surrounds us.

When I listen to this band, I think powerful, gritty, something that can not be stopped. The album deviates back and forth between bone crushing and soul smothering, creating an essence of slithering combustion that takes everything from you leaving nothing behind. There’s a maniacial excite that’s rude and in your face every second of this record. Extreme and past the limit of what any human can actually fucking understand, as a musician, I must say this band put forth an impossible yet impressive record. They pushed the envelope in every direction thinkable to bring something to the table that is sure to stand the test of time, and make many ear drums bleed in a process of both pleasure and pain. Great album throughout however, my favorite track is 11, entitled They Can Smell Our Blood. It spoke some nasty shit to me that no other person should ever know. It just made me want to laugh like a mad man, with utter metal joy.

Rating 10/10 by Patrick Wooten.



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