The Primitive’s Debut Album Out Now!

The Primitve

Jim Roe has certainly been a busy man as of late.  From releasing the Mausoleum/ Haemophagus split last year, to joining iconic, thrash band Terror this year, the former Incantation drummer hasn’t had much time to breath.  That didn’t stop this workaholic from cowering away in his basement to work on a solo a project, however.  And for that, metal heads across the globe are grateful.

Jim Roe’s solo project, The Primitive, formed back in June of 2015.  The idea was to create “pounding death metal”.  That he did!  Founded in Hell is as aggressive and bludgeoning as ever, and employs the best elements of classic death metal into its sound.  This album is great for fans of Deicide (specifically when they were still called Amon), Immolation, and early Morbid Angel.  Its stripped down feel is refreshing in an era when technical death metal seems to reign supreme.  This is crushing death metal at its best and, dare I say it, most primitive.  Purchase the album at or you’re a lame that doesn’t like good music.  For now though, prepare to get your skull crushed by the sounds of The Primitive!


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