Is it just me, or has there been a recent surge in high-caliber, Swedish sounding, melodic metal lately? Murdryck is merely another band riding the ice capped coat tails of Dissection, Dawn, and Necrophobic, with their latest release, ANTOLOGI MMXV.  Murdryck began as a blackened ambient project back in 1999 but regrouped in 2014 as a melodic black metal band with a lot of emphasis on the guitar.  ANTOLOGI MMXV marks the band’s first full length release since 1999’s Legion and it kicks harder than a Desert Eagle.

There is definitely a strong homage to Dissection on this release, but not so obvious as something like Thulcandra.  The resemblance is markedly more subdued.  Murdryck adds a flair to the sound by adding guitar worship worthy soloing throughout the album.  Unfortunately, Murdryck didn’t think to leave out Reinkaos era Dissection in their homage.  Swallowed by the Ages and Hymnens Svarta Toner both bear a striking resemblance to the disappointment that was Black Dragon.  Luckily, the remainder of the album doesn’t reflect this.

The intro is epic to the point of cheese but in a cool way, like the movie Willow or something.  Because the majority of the album is epic beyond measure, this dramatic intro is justified.  What’s great about Murdryck is that, despite the fact that the melodic black metal genre has become a tad saturated, they manage to add something to it.  By putting extra emphasis on the lead guitar, and injecting subtly placed, sing along choruses, Murdryck differentiate themselves from hoards of wannabes.

Most of the tracks bleed with intensity but Metamorphosis is the stand out track on the album with its explosive intensity and emotionally charged guitar licks.  But in all honesty, this album is filled with songs that recapture your attention when it wanders.  My only concern is that it’s too similar to Dissection.  Seriously, did Jon Nödtveidt fake his death or something?  But the fact that I can even make that implication shows the quality of this album is on par with some of the best.  Besides those two Reinkaos-y songs, this album is pretty supreme.  I highly recommend it.



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