As much as a hate using the word “trend”, there has been a noticeable one looming in the underground lately, and it’s that is the one where the band doesn’t reveal their identities or countries of origin.  Black metal has become incredibly dependent on its variations in sound between different countries, you have your distinct Norwegian sound, raw American sound, melodic Swedish sound for example.   For a band to be discreet about their origins is uncommon and robs metal snobs of the ability to pinpoint a band’s sound merely by where they’re from.  I somewhat enjoy this trend and have decided that the bands must come directly from Hell.  Either that or some Arabic country in which playing metal is illegal.

Until recently, Morar hadn’t released their country of origin.  They remain intensely private about their identities.  Despite claiming to be from Greenland, Morar have a distinctly Scandinavian sound.  Wahlheim is uniquely reminiscent of Vinterland’s melody combined with the occasional dissonance of Sargeist, and even the rock and roll feel of Taake at times.  The entire album is worth experiencing.  Don’t even think about downloading it though.  Despite the fact that the first track is titled Embrace the Torrent, downloads of Wahlheim are impossible to find and the album isn’t even available in its entirety on Youtube or Bandcamp.  You pretty much have to by this shit.

Thankfully it’s worth the seven American dollars they’re asking for it.  Although Embrace the Torrent, Thee to Scorn, and ‘Tis Night are available for free streaming, you’d miss out not to hear track two, Torn By Thorns, an emotionally charged, tormented ode to melancholy.  The track is a journey moving from ethereal ambiance, to epic melody, and finally toward suicidal ideation.  Afflictions also has a uniquely DSBM feel to it but incorporates a folk like chanting into the chorus.  Track four acts as a sort of intermission.  A beautiful instrumental,  Lake Creek Valley is a meditative build up to the featured tracks, the aggressive Thee to Scorn and the more emotional ‘Tis Night.  Lonely Nights concludes to album with a bang of intensity played with precision.

To be honest, I’ve listened to this album a lot since purchasing it and I still discover nuances in sound whenever I listen to it.  People can say that the Stockholm sound is played out, but when it’s played properly, it still manages to drop jaws.  I would recommend this album to the most kvlt of your acquaintances for cool points.



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