Destroyer 666- Wildfire

destroyer 666

As a long time D666 fanatic, I had been anticipating this release for some time and spent the weeks prior to its release panting like thirsty groupie.  Wildfire proved to be worth the six-year wait.  Blistering with intensity, this album yanks listeners into a fist pumping, patch covered netherworld from the first Tom Araya inspired falsetto scream of Traitor.

Wilfire is filled with crowd pleasing anthems like Hounds at Ya Back, Traitor, and the title track, which is refreshing in an era when pretentiousness seems to have become somewhat the norm.  Who doesn’t want to drunkenly shout song lyrics in a crowd full of long hairs?  The band has certainly taken a primitive turn with this release, harkening back to days of Satanic Speed Metal, but with more sophistication.

Cool, Destruction-like riffs coalesce with blood curdling howls, and expertly executed solos to create a truly anthemic sound.  The production is clean but not overly emphasised, which allows for an arena-like atmosphere.

The album deviates from the thrash anthem at times, however.  Tracks like Hymn to Dionysus and Tamam Shud break into slower, more emotional passages at times.  Hymn to Dionysus is probably the stand out track on the album.  Besides being ingeniusly named, (in case you’re a dolt and don’t know this, Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and partying, which is pretty much the only god worth worshipping) the track is perfectly executed.  It takes listeners on a journey that begins with lightning speed riffing and ends with the kind of melody that causes you to close your eyes involuntarily.

I hate to gush, but Wildfire could easily be in the running for album of the year.  The whole thing just drips “classic”.  My only fear is that this album was released too late to cause the impact it is capable of.  Had this come out twenty or thirty years ago, it would have been an instant classic, but since it came out only a few months ago, it could read as an overly contrived attempt to recreate Hell Awaits.  I guess I really just don’t give a fuck though.  This album had me head banging in front of my computer and hitting repeat on more than one song.  Memorability is the true hallmark of this release.  Wilfire is an album that will surely stick with me for years to come in an era when music is so accessible it’s disposable.  I highly recommend this one.



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