Satanic Warmaster/Archgoat- Lux Satanae

Satanic Warmaster

Satanic Warmaster-
Finland’s Luciferian hordes are back at it! Satanic Warmaster and Archgoat teamed up to release what will most certainly be the evilest split of 2016, despite the fact that the year has only just begun. Satanic Warmaster has certainly come a long way since the murky, unprocessed sounds of Strength and Honor. Their addition to Lux Satanea is an atmospheric, dissonant, and captivating ode to the original Norwegian black metal sound.

Side A of “Lux Satanea” is a fitting follow up to Satanic Warmaster’s mind-blowing 2014 release “Fimbulwinter” with a slightly more subdued level of ambience. The split contains two brand new songs from the Finnish trio entitled “Black Destiny” and “Wolves of Blood and Iron”, as well as a thrash-y, fist pounding cover of Pest’s “Satanic Winter”, and a lengthier and improved version of their classic from 2005 “My Kingdom of Darkness”.

The new tracks contain all the spell binding elements of traditional black metal and crank the dramaturgical elements and the subtle cheese factor in impressively satisfying way. Werewolf’s shrill shrieks pierce the firmament and the combined atmospheric and ambient elements create a raw, orchestral, wall of sound to lose yourself into. Satanic Warmaster is a band that has been improving with every album. “Lux Satanea is an inarguable example of their sheer dedication to their craft and to the perfection of their signature sound.

9/10 By Tabitha Payne

ARCHGOAT – Lux Satanae
“Ime mun munaa Norja Black Metal!”
Feels good to say that, and the one thing we know for sure is that Archgoat is on the sides of the Finns; to get into this review I had to dig up a few older tapes because all of this material comes from the early days of Archgoat and I thought it’d be interesting to listen to the original demos, EPs, and releases before seeing how the new recordings sound.

One thing that becomes apparent right away is VnoM’s drumming, while his style has always been very different and more intense than Blood Desecrator’s, hearing him play through Blood Desecrator’s drum-lines is almost like hearing a completely different set of hits, the drumming is more intense more fueled, more aggressive and a bit faster.

The other thing that becomes apparent is Ritual Butcherer’s old gear-line tweaked a bit sounds beyond nasty; it tears through old licks with grind like aggression, adding to something that already made songs so old feel completely fresh and new. The stand out for me on this album is Penis Perversor which is great to hear in a completely new way; they even re-mastering the original opening sample which made me question and doublecheck to see if it was in fact still the same sample.

Showing not only the early work in a new way, but also proving that most of the Finnish Black Metal scene has never been one to follow trends or to have a defining style, from a 90’s style death on Satanic Oath to Speed metal on Angelcunt and the ever present grind influence felt throughout the entirety. I cannot find a single fault with this side; my only issue is there’s enough material for it to be release onto itself.

8/10 – Only because this was done as a Split, and I desperately wish it was an album unto itself. By Ailo Venalainen


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