Mythrias- Absolving the Treacherous


Hailing from Akron, OH, melodic death metallers, Mythrias released their sophomore effort entitled “Absolving the Treacherous” in September of 2015. Don’t let the Dragonforce-like artwork deter you from listening to this album, it’s actually quite relevant. Mythrias’ sound teeters that fine line between melodeath and melodic black/death metal. The feel is reminiscent of Wintersun or early Dark Tranquility amalgamated with Dark Fortress or At the Gates.

“Absolving the Treacherous” is an overall, catchy follow-up to the band’s 2013 demo, “Rise of the Mythrias”. Tyler Clark’s and Mike Mion’s guitar work is clean and technical, the riffs are memorable and catchy, and the drum work is exceptionally tasteful. Taylor Andjelkovic’s vocals complement the band’s sound nicely. This EP had several head bang inducing moments. The stand out track on the album, for me, is irrefutably “I am Fire, I am Death” with its insanely dissonant breaks and aggressive blasts. It was notably, the heaviest track on the EP. Also interesting, was the band’s cover of Offspring’s “The Kids Are Alright”. I really like when death metal bands cover non-death metal songs. It adds a certain flair to their overall feel.

As a band, Mythrias is still really green and could improve in a few places. Even though the guitar solos were technical and melodic, they were a little too pronounced and could have stood to be more recessed into the background, which would have created a fuller, and more aggressive sound. Also, although the production has technically improved since the band’s demo, rather than improving the sound it adds a processed and digital quality to the EP that really takes away from any potential rawness the band’s sound might have benefited from. Despite my criticisms, however, “Absolving the Treacherous” is a high caliber release for 2015, more than worthy of your time and attention. If you’re a fan of melodic, Swedish black and death metal, I would absolutely recommend purchasing this EP. It won’t disappoint.



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