Cleveland Thrashers, Terror, Release First Single Since 1997!


Thrash metal veterans, Terror, recently blew the dust off their instruments and brushed the chip crumbs off their bellies to release their first new single in almost twenty years! The metal community is ever grateful. “Legion of Gore” is as primitive and vile as anything the band has released prior and is a swift kick in the nuts to modern thrash bands with its crude production, blistering guitar solos, and cutting riffs. The seven inch was released on December 31 by Hell Headbangers, and is a must have for fans of primitive thrash metal in the vein of Hellhammer or Insane from Italy. The single includes two skull crushing tracks entitled “Carving Techniques” and respectively, “Legion of Gore”. The band is currently in the studio recording an album that’s rumored to be released sometime this year. Thrashers should keep an eye out for this. In the meantime, here’s sneak peek at the single.


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