Abhorrent- Intransigance


From the first few notes of this album, I remember having the thought that young metal heads are going to love this, and I’d better listen carefully. Cerebral lyrical themes, progressive hooks, brutal blasts, and low toned growls are the meat of this album. Somewhere there’s a dictionary for metal snobs with a picture of this album next to a description of brutal technical death metal. “Intrasigence” is the first full length release to come from this Texas foursome. Willowtip Records should really count themselves lucky to have signed a band capable of creating albums of this caliber off the cuff the way they did.

Intrasigence has a technical dynamic that’s reminiscent of early Gorod or Seplophile, mixed with the aggression of Lost Soul’s first demo. The band keeps things interesting by weaving in a subdued progressive resonance just beneath the surface. To avoid the redundancy that sometimes becomes commonplace in brutal tech, Abhorrent subtly implants spellbinding, melodic intros to a few of their songs and even features a Sabbath-esque, piano instrumental named “Clarity of Will” on the LP. The more melodic breaks are a welcome change and really break up the album in a unique and exciting way.

Particularly notable, were Nick Brown’s perfectly executed exhale vocals. Brown’s vocals are palatable belly growls in a world full of pig squeals. Even when he did let out the occasional pig squeal, it was done in a way that was neither trite nor redundant. But I think the real stand out feature on the LP, were Lyle Cooper’s expertly pounded drums. The blasts were truly incredible, a sound to behold. One more thing I really appreciated about this album was that the guitar solos, though technical, were not flashy or in the spotlight. This allowed for a fuller, and more brutal overall feel to be generated. Like many tech death releases, each song on Intrasigence did seem to run into the next, but the sound quality combined with the progressive elements made this album stand out amongst a sea of Necrophagist wannabes. Fans of Nile, Gorod, or Origin should check out Abhorrent. Intrasigance is a truly superior addition to the world of brutal tech death.




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