In Memory of McKinney, Truesdell, and Crisostomo


Underworld would like to take a moment to pay its respects to three musicians who lost their lives in a tragic car crash early yesterday morning.  Nicholas Crisostomo and Paul Truesdall of Wormreich as well as Ian Mckinney of Khaotika were all tragically taken from us too soon when the driver of their van is said to have fallen asleep behind to wheel and crashed into a tree while driving through Georgia.


Although the bands greive the loss of their brothers greatly, the surviving members say that they will continue to write and play music because their brothers would have wanted it that way.  Wormreich was formed in Tennessee back in 2009 and has released two full length albums on Moribund Records. Khaotika is an unsigned, gothic metal band from Atlanta, Georgia.  They formed in 2014 and have released one EP thus far.  As metal brothers and sisters, let’s take a moment of silence to remember our brethren that lost their lives yesterday.  Metal won’t be the same without you.  Hailz!


5 thoughts on “In Memory of McKinney, Truesdell, and Crisostomo”

  1. I didn’t know them… But, I used to be in a black-metal band and I know very well, the same fate could have been mine or my friends… lots of long hrs on the road and sleep deprivation. Sad to hear.


    1. Most definitely. The metal community needs to rethink this “pay to play” mentality that’s dominating the scene because clearly these guys could have benefited from a night in a hotel room. Because, however, clubs don’t pay musicians enough, I’m certain they couldn’t afford one. And now we’ve lost three great musicians.


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