Morbidity- Revealed from Ashes


It’s not everyday that band hailing from Bangledesh blows me away.  Recently signed to Memonto Mori Records, Morbidity has, as their debut album so eloquently pontificates, revealed themselves from ashes.  Seriously, this band came out of nowhere and punched listeners in the face with a sound so true, so Swedish before In Flames fucking ruined Sweden, that Attack Attack fans everywhere are tucking their penises and running away.

Evoking images of warfare and Hell’s firey gates, Morbidity’s debut, entitled “Revealed from Ashes”, is eerily reminiscent of early Swedish death legends like Unleashed and Grave.  Their neatly placed guitar riffs remain thrashy while carefully merging an unpolished and intense sense of melody untarnished and uninfluenced by the mainstream’s definition of “melodic”.  Defiler’s vocals are an echoing growl to nethergods, while unobnoxious blast beats spew forth naturally from the heels of Israfel.  Can you get any more metal than a name like Defiler?  Here is a band that understands the importance of having a metal image.

Morbidity doesn’t feel the need to overwhelm its fans with intricate guitar solos or ridiculously long songs, instead making every riff count.  At times the songs seemed to meld together, as though they were one 45 minute assault, but I found no real complaint with this.  This element only immersed me deeper into Morbidity’s dark world.  Tracks like “Decaying Souls” incorporated melodic and eerie interludes that broke up the the typical lightening fast riffing found throughout the album nicely.  I really enjoyed the bridges in songs like “Pits of Eternal Torment” and “Let There Be Chaos” and the track “Morbidity” is as unapologetically brutal as any track named after the band itself should be.

Overall, this album, this band, impressed me very much.  This is one of those new releases I am happy to have discovered and will revisite time and time again.  Beginning to end, “Revealed from Ashes” had me spellbound in all it’s melodic glory.  But what do I know, right.  Listen for yourself.  Happy listening! Hails!


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