Craven Idol- Towards Eschaton


The latest album I’ve had on cue is the epic LP entitled “Towards Eschaton”, by England’s black/death/thrash hellions, “Craven Idol”. One discernible characteristic of this outfit is that their hunger resonates loudly throughout the album. It is obvious that Craven Idol is playing the music they love and are not only in it to sell records. They’ve recently been signed to Dark Descent Records, a label that is quickly becoming one of the most important underground labels in death metal, as it’s known to be the home to great bands, such as Imprecation and Gorephilia.

Dark Descent made a smart move in signing this band. Towards Eschaton is a masterpiece that exudes of brilliant musicianship and strong writing. The album opens strong with, “To Summon Mayrion”. The track preludes with an slow and eerie yet methodical intro that quickly breaks into blackened frenzy, amalgamated with high energy old school death/thrash. This band coalesces genres ingeniously, with 80’s death metal-like drumming, thrash-y riffing and soloing, blackened vocals and haunting breaks. Similar to bands like Nifelheim, Aura Noir or even Absu, Craven Idol is a must listen for fans of ugly, blackened and unapologetic genres of metal.

But Towards Eschaton is about more than just raw and ugly riffing. The melodies found on this debut are somewhat reminiscent of early Swedish sounds. Especially on the track “Codex of Seven Dooms”. Their British fervor and love of traditional heavy metal can’t help but seep out on tracks like “Orgies”.

Overall, Craven Idol has managed to captivate me, not only with the stunning artwork that graces the cover of “Towards Eschaton” but also with their beautifully volatile and grotesque sound. Towards Eschaton is a listen worth checking out. So join me in the violent pits of Hades, with Craven Idol. Happy Listening. Hails!


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