Exhumed- Necrocracy


There is something to be said about a band that still kills it after almost 25 years at it.  Californian death/grind aficionados recently unleashed their sixth full length album to date, on August 6, 2013, and they have brought with them more aggression than ever on this release.  Thrashy, technical, and adrenaline filled are just a few words that come to mind upon listening to “Necrocracy”.  This LP will pump you up, plain and simple.

Listeners are hooked within the first few seconds of the album, as it immediately breaks into a groove filled, thrashy riff on the track “Coins Upon Eyes”.  The brutality doesn’t end here however.  Throughout the album, Exhumed exhibits fun filled, death/thrash excellence.  These are the kind of songs that both incite a circle pit and get guitar nerds talking.  The solos we find here are clean, melodic and technical.  The choruses are anthemic and catchy and the riffs are creative and groove-filled.

The LP flows well, each track melding into the next, but remains exciting throughout, never sounding repetitive.  Clean, acoustic breaks, found on tracks like Dysmorphic, break this album up nicely.  Overall, Exhumed has managed to write an album filled with tracks that stick with you quite easily.  Tracks like “The Rotting”, bring me back to the moment I first heard the greatness that is death metal, with the classic down tuned guitars, appropriate blast bleats and melodic and passionate solos.

Exhumed has not only written an incredibly memorable album, they’ve outdone themselves a bit by including five bonus tracks at the end of the LP.  The bonus tracks don’t disappoint either.  From “The Beginning After The End” to “Go For The Throat”, these tracks rip hard as fuck.  Necrocracy is simply the must have album of this year.  Go out and fucking buy it!  For now though, join me in the circle pit with Exhumed.  Happy Listening.  Hails!


6 thoughts on “Exhumed- Necrocracy”

      1. Where do you come across these bands? Reverbnation? Live Shows? Facebook?
        You always seem to have a new band to cover. I’m pretty jealous because I seem to be running out.


      2. Sometimes bands write me asking for me to review them. I get some stuff directly from labels because of the other site I have been writing for too. I am also friends with a lot of people in the local scene and their always sharing stuff on facebook, whether it’s their own bands or whomever they’re listening to. I live right next to two kick ass metal clubs so I never really have to miss a show. I read blogs and just do a lot of digging in general. Music is a passion of mine. I never get tired of hearing new bands.


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