It’s always refreshing to hear a new band that sounds as though they’ve been at it for years. Hailing from the cold, Appalachian landscapes of Buffalo, New York, tech death outfit “Seplophile” is birthing a sound that is a throwback to the sounds of great 90’s death metal with a melodic edge and musicianship of the highest standards. Seplophile released their debut album, “Mesonoxian” on February 14, 2013, and the album rips harder than about 95% of the new releases this year. The band cultivates spellbinding melodies and amalgamates them with a sort of controlled dissonance that creates a sound capable of cracking open the sky.

With tasteful blast beating, well timed, melodic solos and brutal screams, Mesonoxian is an existential joyride for the senses. The album prefaces itself with an eerie instrumental entitled “Exhale All Life” and kicks you in the teeth without warning on the first full track, “Animos: Identity Crisis”. The first few tracks are classic death metal at its finest, albeit a little predictable, but not unforgivably so. The album really begins to take off around the sixth track entitled “Philosophiae Naturalis – The Portents of Ash-Shaytan I. Omen of the Adversary”, which is the instrumental prequel to a three part, nihilistic sermon of sound. At this point in the album, the listener is truly drawn in by Seplophile’s captivating melodies.

Even beyond the three part celebration of death, the album continues to hold one’s interest. Doom laden track “Fields of Stone” puts you in a bit of a trance with its emotional undertones and slow, clean riffing. Mesonoxian goes out with a bang with the title track, which is a shining example of technical ecstasy, still riddled with grit. Any breakdown found on this album is appropriate to the song, and never there for its own sake. Though the band is clearly intelligent, they escape pretentiousness with their stripped down attitude.  No overusing of keyboards, no samples, no frills, just pure unadulterated death metal.  Mesonoxian is breath of fresh air for the jaded metal-head of yesteryear.  You can purchase the Mp3 version of this album on Amazon and the hard copy of the CD directly from their label, “Butchered Records“. For now though, join me in the throes of nihilistic glory with Seplophile.  This is the seventh track off of the new LP, “Under Sifting Sands. Happy Listening.  Hails!


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