Twilight Fauna


Metal is an extremely aggressive genre of music, that is a given. But we metal-heads need to unwind every once in awhile. What exactly does a metal-head listen to, to unwind? Readers, hailing from the ice capped mountains of Appalachia, I give you Twilight Fauna.

Twilight Fauna is another American, one man, atmospheric black metal project. America is quickly making a name for itself as the home of one man metal, with big names such as Xasthur, Leviathan and Judas Iscariot all hailing from the so-called “land of opportunity”. Twilight Fauna does not divert too far from the sounds of USBM.  In fact the sole composer of the beautifully crafted works of Twilight Fauna, Paul Ravenwood, stays very true to America’s depressive resonance.  Paul has been very busy as of late, releasing two splits and a full length album this year alone.  The full length release Grief, released April of this year, is a spellbinding journey through grief’s five ugly stages.

The first track, Isolation, is a tortured dirge.  The vocals are pained and the atmosphere is heavy.  The agony of loneliness is brought right to the surface.  The second track however did not quite meet my expectations.  For a track entitled Anger, I expected a faster, heavier, more bludgeoning experience.  Instead I got a sound that didn’t divert too far from the last track.  Bargaining and Acceptance were definitely the standout tracks on the album, with both tracks featuring beautiful acoustic guitars.  This album is not to be picked apart track by track, however.  It is to be enjoyed as one great work.

The works of Twilight Fauna are nothing truly unique in the cold and lonely world of DSBM.  But fans of gritty production, harrowing atmosphere and Lurker of Chalice take note.  Grief is a sorrowful venture into the emptiness of death and a doleful lamentation for the grieving.  So get comfortable, unwind and join me in the abyss with Twilight Fauna.  Happy Listening.  Hails!


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