Hailing from my hometown, Cleveland, I am proud to present Inoculation.  I seldom get this excited about a new band, especially one fitting the description of death metal, but Inoculation is keeping things fresh with their newest release, Elysium.

Over the years, technical death metal has become engrossed in redundancy, with droves of Necrophagist wannabes polluting the scene and almost irritating arpeggiated riffing overpowering the sound, but Inoculation has toned it down a bit without losing their technicality and (more importantly) their melody. Elysium is a bit of a regression back to sounds similar to early Sadist, Katatonia or Revocation, with progressive undertones, brutal vocals and thrash-like riffing. With interesting lyrical themes, including alien abduction and the esoteric, Inoculation holds listeners captivated. The samples featured on the EP are appropriate, never redundant and cool (for lack of a better word).

Elysium is a scholarly ride through Area 51, that immediately sucks listeners into a wormhole of speed and progression. In six quick tracks, Elysium secures a crushing grip, met with an intoxicating melody. Some might complain that this has all been done before and it lacks a certain freshness that keeps things interesting. While the sound found here is all too common, anything done this well is still quite worthy of recognition.

Inoculation is still young and their sound is still hungry and perhaps a bit immature, but give this band a few more years and they will almost certainly hone a sound and audience all their own. The musicianship and production is impressive to say the least, especially for a new and unsigned act. It won’t be long before labels begin to take notice of this band. For now let’s remain ahead of the labels and take a trip to Roswell with Inoculation. Happy Listening! Hails!


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