God Serpent

As a general rule, black metal is characterized by it’s simplicity and repetitiveness. Gone are the days of easily classifiable metal.  Hailing from Bulgaria, God Serpent is pushing the limits of black metal with their independently released, debut album, entitled Rebellion.

In an era of dreamy, experimental and polished black metal, God Serpent is seemingly on a mission to pollute the glossy and pretentious droves with their credo of filth. They’ve added a special element to their styling, setting them apart.  “Rebellion” drips of technicality.  While the overall feel of the album is grimy and raw, the solos are polished, clean and highly complex.  At times the technical elements can become a bit redundant, sounding a bit like technicality for technicality’s sake, for the most part, though, the band’s debut flows nicely.  There are hints of ambiance sprinkled throughout the LP that compliment the album well and accommodate the overall flow of the record.  God Serpent’s grit is a throwback to the blackened thrash bands of the 80’s and the choruses are highly discernible and anthemic on tracks like Litany of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist, leading me to believe this band will be epic live, despite their laughably common appearance.

The band is hardly “cold”, with their love of the solo, but they maintain that rawness and dangerousness so often forgotten about in today’s world of glossy, produced metal.  Who knew, Bulgaria of all countries, could pump out such good metal?  God Serpent is a refreshing listen for lovers of thrash, black metal and guitar virtuosos alike.  As usual, I will let you judge for yourself.  Happy Listening.  Hails!


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